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My 2 Sense

Famous Last Words

Not in the traditional sense of the meaning

I mean words that are famous by their current overuse, and hopefully will not last much longer
Use words as they were meant to be used.


Everything over 5 minutes old is now iconic. Lord have mercy....Dog the Bounty Hunter's hair is "iconic."


Legacy as in "my legacy" is an attempt by ego-based individuals to obtain, if not immortality, at least unforgetability. Most of all what these folks want is to assure themselves that they are both unique and better than the rest of humanity which in most cases is a futile exercise.


Spin is the contrived "story" designed to distort the plain truth to someone's advantage. Ergo, a lie. I mean who uses the word spin? Politicians, lobbyists and TV pundits describing same.


Funny how the people who promise transparency invariably are the ones least likely to be transparent in their dealings.

Like I said/as I said

This phrase is usually used by people (or politicians) who would like to repeat something they already said rather than answer a direct question. They act like you're either stupid or hard of hearing.

Out of context

Sometimes the media takes quotes out of context. However, most times the person claiming that what he/she said was taken out of context is lying. They didn't stop to think before they spoke to realize the implications of what they said.

Moving forward

Ever notice how many people who use the expression, "moving forward', or "we just want to move forward?" I suspect many, in fact, really want to avoid the past, usually the immediate past in which they have done something rotten that they wish to forget about.

"Moving forward" sometimes is simply a way of saying, "There's no way I'm taking responsibility for what I've done, so let's just move forward."


The Grand Canyon is awesome. God is awesome. The acts of birth and death are awesome.

Hairdos, winning football games and getting an "A" on your schoolwork are NOT awesome.

Bottom Line

The people on Wall Street who coined the term 'bottom line' have made sure all of us know exactly what it means.

What it is

An acceptance of a reality stating the obvious. It explains nothing, it says nothing, it is nothing.


Without a doubt the most dismissive expression ever to grace the language. A pox on those who use this word in a negative tone.

My bad

Really? What kind of stupid expression is this? This silly expression trivializes taking responsibility for ones actions...but not really. In a lighthearted situation, no harm done, but it is still an annoying abuse of the English language for a childish purpose. Kid's stuff. My bad.

Going in a new direction

The chickenshit way of firing someone. Even the Donald says, "You're fired!." Seriously, I get so tired of euphemisms when simple direct words will do the trick and be honest in doing so.