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The quality of a politician is directly related to his or her motives in running for office.

There are two kinds of politicians. Full serve.....and the more common....self serve.

Any politician who avoids scrutiny in a public forum is not worthy of holding office.

The Wall Street banks are at it again. What I can't understand is why they aren't prosecuted like the Mafia because they are both criminal and organized.

If it is naive to expect honesty of our politicians then democracy is truly broken.

Those who think they know it all are usually the ones who know the least.

The older I get...the clearer my understanding the about meaning of life and all that is. The problem is that I'm not smart enough to be able to articulate it!

Where is the proof that unlimited and continual growth is good for our economy?

When governments excuse outright lies by saying it's "just politics," it's time for a new government.

The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances.

The humility of the certainty of uncertainty is the heart and soul of our experience on earth.

Funny how our politicians ask us to trust them because they know what they are doing. And yet a simple glance back at all the other politicians who\'ve asked us that were untrustworthy and didn\'t have a clue about what they were doing.

If we executed one judge, one lawyer, one stock broker, one politician, one banker and one insurance executive annually, perhaps they'd gain the integrity they expect of us.

Being a good politician doesn't necessarily make one a good leader.

News Flash! Jimmy Hoffa has been found alive and well. He's running the construction industry in Quebec!

The next time Harper or Mackay go to Afghanistan for a photo op, they should be given an M-16 and kevlar vest and sent out on partrol. Then the bastards might understand what it means to be a neglected vet home from doing his or her duty and back up the immense respect they claim to have for our men in uniform.

The ultimate euphemism. Ben Affleck describing his dishonest movie, "Argo" as being made "in the spirit of the truth." in other words a well-intentioned lie. Give me a break.

Those that can, do. Those that cant become politicians so they can tell those that can, how to do it.

When the mouse sleeps next to the elephant, he better be very aware in case the elephant rolls over. Here\'s hoping Obama wins.

In the last moment of my existence I believe the meaning of life will become clear to me. Sadly, however, the understanding of women will still elude me.

When a Prime Minister or Premier dies in office or retires while in office, the government should have to call a general election within six months. Their replacements are merely substitutes until elected.

Poverty is not a personal calamity, it is a societal crisis.

If you think you\'re getting screwed by your bank, telephone company, power supplier, internet supplier or any big business, odds are you are right.

If banking is so honourable, why did Jesus throw the moneychangers out of the temple?

If lawyers were banned from public office we'd see a whole lot more integrity in government. Same goes for car dealers..

Politicians should not be allowed in Pride Parades unless they are gay. Those who are not gay are merely pandering.

Evil, ill will, incompetence and wrong doing have existed since time began. All we can do is try to keep the lid on for the benefit of all.

The Catholic Church should be required to pay all court awarded settlements to the sexual victims of its priests without appealing or lose their tax exempt status.

Why is it that when a women cries, she is called emotional, but when a man yells, he's not?

"Call volumes are higher than usual, please be patient." No they aren't, you just don't have enough operators!

I'd make the perfect politician. I'm not too smart, I'm very opinionated and I think I know everything about everything!

If the Vancouver Police Department are blameless in the Willie Picton/Missing Women Inquiry why did they have to hire Eddie Greenspan, Canada's most expensive lawyer to represent previous Chief Terry Blythe?

Abbotsford has more churches per capita and the greatest percentage of unwed mothers in the province. Coincidence? I think not.I wonder how many unwanted pregnancies occur as the result of couples meeting on Christian

Unpopular as this may be, it always bothers me that our nation defines itself by a game - specifically the game of hockey.

NEWS FLASH. God will not be helping either team win the Superbowl, I somehow don't think He cares who wins.

We wouldn't have a backlog in our court system and we would be able to conduct trials in a timely manner if judges worked an 8 hour day like the rest of us.

If 75% of all jobs are in small businesses, why does Big Business get all the tax breaks?

In my lifetime, America has gone from being the world's savior, to the world's policeman to the world's bully.

It's absolutely beyond my comprehension that the U.S. Republican Party can justify it attacks on Obama about the economy considering they allowed the debt crisis to grow and fester in the first place and then handed it off to him.

More to come daily..okay...when I feel like it....okay...when the spirit moves me