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The questions measure stress levels by both situational factors and emotional/mental/physical indicators. Often people experience unnecessary and additional/ongoing stress from not 'coping' adequately with trying situations or experiences. The Stress Test is designed to take many of these factors into account and give you a general idea of how much stress you, or someone you know, may currently be experiencing.

Note: If you have someone else in mind when doing the test, subsitute the words 's/he' or 'your friend', for 'you'.

SITUATIONAL INDICATORS: Experienced within the last year. Answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

If you answer yes to one or more questions in the first section you definitely have some degree of stress in your life; and may benefit from stress-coping methods such as meditation or exercise. There is no need to complete the test unless you wish to gauge how much additional stress you may be experiencing. Please Click refer to the Conclusions Page for more detailed information and recommendations.

  1. Have you had a family member, a spouse/mate/lover, or close friend die?
  2. Have you gone through a divorce, separation, or break-up of a serious love affair?
  3. Have you married, become engaged, reconciled with a spouse/lover/mate, or started a serious love affair?
  4. Have you been incarcerated, or involved in serious legal proceedings of any kind? (i.e. a lawsuit, serious traffic violations, or important court proceedings, etc.)
  5. Have you or someone close to you been seriously injured or developed a major illness?
  6. Have you or your spouse/mate/lover made a major career/job change, been fired or laid off from a job, or started/quit working outside of the home?
  7. Have you or a spouse/mate/lover had a major change in finances/debts/income?
  8. Have you or your spouse/mate/lover had a pregnancy, a birth, an adoption, abortion or miscarriage?
  9. Have you had an additional person move in to your home such as a mate, relative, foster child, or in-law?
  10. Have you had to move or relocate your home?

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

1 Do you often feel that too much is expected of you?
2 Have you been having trouble getting along with coworkers and/or people you interact with on a daily basis lately?
3 Have you been feeling unappreciated or underpaid for your efforts at home, in a relationship, or at work lately?
4 Do you feel that the work you do, or that the main focus of your life has little or no real meaning or importance?
5 Have you been often overreacting in conflict situations?
6 Have you been feeling that you do not function very well on a day- to- day basis?
7 Have you been feeling anxious, frustrated, or resentful about things?
8 Have you been missing deadlines or feeling that you 'just can't keep up' with the expectations and pressures of day- to- day life?
9 Do you feel alone, detached from others, or isolated often?
10 Have you been feeling bored or unfulfilled by your work or life in general?
11 Do you tend to be critical of others and yourself?
12 Lately, do you often feel that you have wasted your energy on meaningless activities, or things that were not worth the effort?
13 Have you been feeling disillusioned about your job/home-life/love relationship?
14 Have you been finding that interacting with others professionally or socially makes you feel tired, impatient or judgmental?
15 Do you wish that you had followed your dreams, instead of what you are doing now?
16 Do you feel confusion or uncertainty about what is expected of you at work or at home?
17 Have you often been feeling 'empty' inside?
18 Do you feel that you are, or hear from others, that you are 'too sensitive'?
19 Have you often been feeling testy, angry, moody, or grouchy?
20 Have you or a spouse/mate/lover drastically changed your lifestyle, religious practices, or outlook on life recently?
21 Are you a single parent?
22 Have you or someone close to you experienced depression, anxiety, or other emotional/psychological difficulties recently?
23 Have you been having upsetting dreams, violent dreams, or nightmares lately?


24 Do you drink, smoke, or eat more than you used to?
25 Are you having trouble sleeping, or getting proper rest?
26 Do you have backaches or neck aches?
27 Are you having trouble concentrating these days?
28 Are you getting chronic headaches lately?
29 Do you tend to have intestinal distress, heartburn, or stomach aches?
30 Are you having any 'mysterious' aches and pains on a regular basis?
31 Do you or your spouse/mate/lover have any physical or emotional problems/symptoms in recent months that started about the time of a major event in your life, or shortly thereafter?
32 Do you find yourself eating when you are not hungry, or skipping meals because you 'don't feel like eating', or are too busy to eat?

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