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The Romance Test


The Romance Test has been designed to help people assess the type and degree of romantic expressions they give their date/mate, and/or what they are receiving in the way of demonstrated love.

Note: If you are using the test in regard to your date/mate's romantic gestures towards you, then the appropriate substitute would be "Does s/he…" at the beginning of each question.

COMMUNICATION: Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No".

1 Do you regularly TELL your date/mate that you love him/her?
2 Do you compliment your date/mate regularly?
3 Do you really listen to your date/mate, and make them feel that you are genuinely interested in their thoughts and emotions?
4 Do you ask your date/mate if there is anything that they would enjoy doing: like seeing a new film, going out to dinner, or going for a walk together?
5 Do you encourage your date/mate to be open with you about their sexuality and desires?


6 Do you ever send or give your date/mate flowers?
7 Do you ever give your date/mate chocolates?
8 Do you ever buy or wear lingerie for your date/mate?
9 Do you write your date/mate love letters?
10 Do you send your date/mate romantic cards?
11 Do you express love to your date/mate the way s/he wishes to receive love?
12 Do you provide "little surprises" for your date/mate, such as leaving love notes in unexpected places or recording sexy voice mails?
13 Do you kiss your date/mate upon meeting and parting?
14 Do you call your date/mate at work and tell them that you love or miss them?
15 When you are away do you call your date/mate every day?
16 Do you still "flirt" with your date/mate, no matter how long you have known each other?
17 Do you make small gestures, such as offering backrubs or other special social or sexual activities that you know your date/mate enjoys?
18 Do you still "court" your date/mate, treating them as if they are desirable and special?
19 Do you have a 'pet' name for your date/mate?
20 Do you sometimes wear clothing that you know your date/mate finds attractive on you, just to please them?
21 Do you wear certain perfumes or colognes because your date/mate particularly likes them?
22 Do you show interest in the activities /hobbies that your date/mate enjoys?
23 Do you encourage your date/mate to pursue their dreams?


24 Do you express appreciation or gratitude for the "little things" your date/mate does for you?
25 Do you try to make your date/mate feel as if they are the most important, wonderful person in the world?
26 Do you make your date/mate feel as if you have eyes only for them?
27 Do you treat your date/mate with the same level of admiration, consideration, and affection that you would like to receive?
28 Do you speak highly of your partner to other people and/or tell others that you love him/her?
29 Do you focus on your date/mate's positive qualities more often than their negative ones?
30 Do you remember important days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and try to make them a special occasion for your date/mate?
31 Do you accept gifts from your date/mate graciously; expressing appreciation for the thought, even if you do not really care for the gift?


32 Do you ever suggest a weekend trip away somewhere for love?
33 Do you regularly "plan" or schedule time to spend exclusively with your date/mate?
34 Do you hold hands or walk arm-in-arm when you are out?
35 Do you like to slow dance?
36 Do you like to go to quiet, romantic restaurants?
37 Do you like walks on the beach or in the park with your date/mate?
38 Do you use soft music/candles/incense to set the mood for lovemaking?
39 Do you ever spend a whole day in bed together with your date/mate?
40 Do you ever spontaneously initiate lovemaking?
41 Do you still occasionally "seduce" your date/mate, no matter how long you have known each other?
42 Do you spend time after lovemaking just cuddling or talking with your date/mate?
43 Do you give massages and/or backrubs or foot-rubs to your date/mate?
44 Would you be willing to try unusual new erotic activities to please your date/mate, if asked? (i.e. role playing, light bondage, toys,etc.)


45 Do you consider yourself to be a passionate and open-minded lover?
46 Are you physically affectionate on a day-to-day basis?
47 Do you like kissing a lot?
48 Do you still feel "in love" no matter how long you have been with your mate?
49 Do you daydream about being with your date/mate?
50 Do you tend to enjoy books, poetry, music or movies that contain an element of passion or love?

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