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The Romance Test

A test to determine how romantic you or your date/mate are.

The Relationship Test was co-written by Cynthia Montgomery Bell

The Romance Test is designed to determine to what degree you or your date/mate express your love for each other.  It involves the areas of communication, showing love in a demonstrative way, appreciation, and shared activities.

How The Romance Test Works

You simply fill out the answers to all the questions as honestly as you can.  What the questions are asking is: do you or your date/mate have these feelings or exhibit these characteristics or behaviors on a regular basis?

The results of your answers will give you an idea of your romantic nature or that of your partner.  You may choose to let them know what your feelings about them are - or not - as you see fit.  We hope this test will provide you with the basis for a deeper relationship based on acknowledging your date/mate, or them you, with expressions of love.

(NOTE: No information is kept so there is nothing that can be used for any other purpose.)

Complete honesty will provide the most accurate picture.

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