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The Jealousy Test

A test to determine if you are a jealous person

Do you spend time worrying about whether your mate is cheating on you or coveting your neighbor's lifestyle? Jealousy, like guilt, is a useless emotion which does more damage to the person feeling jealous, than the object of the jealousy.

Jealousy is based on the erroneous assumption that one has a claim on his or her mate's life, especially that person's sex life. The feelings of jealousy arise when the unreal presumption of possessing one's partner seems challenged.

Unreal bitterness, cynicism, or malevolence against the victim mate is conjured up by jealousy. Such negative illusions are usually rooted in past experiences not even related to the partner. Hostile, immature possessiveness and obligatory demands become increasingly unreal, unfair, and burdensome to the victim. Jealousy causes the victim to respond with increasing puzzlement or astonishment followed by anger, dislike, and a sense of injustice. Those negative emotions usually keep building until they eventually outweigh all the good feelings and values between the partners. At that point, love and the relationship die.

"Testing" is simply another form of jealousy in which one partner translates his or her insecurity into testing the victim partner for proof of love or fidelity. Such "testing" is unfair, immature, and continually escalates until the values of a relationship are destroyed.

How The Jealousy Test Works

You simply fill out the answers to all of the questions as honestly as you can.  If you have someone else in mind when you take the test, you may choose to let them know what your findings are - or not - as you see fit.  We hope that this test will provide you with the incentive to seek help for yourself, or the person you may have in mind, if it appears that s/he is consumed with jealousy. 

(NOTE: No information is kept so there is nothing that can be used for any other purpose.)

Complete honesty will provide the most accurate picture.
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