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The Health Test


The Health Test has been designed to help people assess what kind of physical shape they are in. It is only a basic guide as to whether or not you are leading a healthy lifestyle. Considering all the conflicting facts and opinions, this is merely a checklist of good healthy behaviors.

Note: Consult your doctor for a physical check-up, and advice in any and all of these areas if you have concerns.

FOOD & DIET: Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No".

1 Are you a vegetarian?
2 Do you eat lean sources of protein such as fish, legumes, low-fat dairy products or eggs on a daily basis?
3 Do you try to limit the amount of red meat; such as hamburger, steak and other beef products?
4 Do you try to limit the amount of fried foods or foods containing a lot of fat or cholesterol, such as fatty meats, eggs, organ meats or cheese?
5 Do you try to limit the amount of butter or cream you eat each day?
6 Do you eat high fiber foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grains on a daily basis?
7 Do you try to limit the amount of salty foods that you eat, or the amount salt you use to cook or at the table?
8 Do you try to limit the amount of sweets, foods containing a lot of sugar, or soft drinks with sugar that you ingest?
9 Do you try to limit the amount of caffeine drinks (such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks) that you drink per day?
10 Do you regularly eat breakfast?
11 Do you regularly try to avoid skipping meals? (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
12 Do you usually eat 3 meals a day?


13 Would you be considered to be in good physical shape?
14 Do you engage in vigorous physical activity at least three times a week? (aerobic activity)
15 Do you do stretching and flexibility exercises regularly?
16 Do you do sit-ups or other abdominal strengthening exercises regularly?
17 Do you do exercises to build your strength; such as sit-ups, push-ups, or weight training on a regular basis?
18 Do you rarely experience neck or back pain?
19 Is your body fat percentage normal?
20 Is your cholesterol level normal?
21 Does your job require strenuous, sustained physical work?
22 Do you take time to warm-up before and cool down after exercising?
23 Do you walk every day?
24 Do you participate in any sport?


25 Do you generally feel free of stress? (at home or work)
26 Do you take weekends away from work/family/stress?
27 Do you usually get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night?
28 Do you have close friends, relatives or others who you can talk to about personal matters, and can call on for help when needed?
29 Do you rarely have insomnia, or trouble falling asleep?
30 Do you recognize early, and prepare for events or situations likely to be stressful for you?
31 Do you practice stress management through meditation or deep breathing?
32 Do you manage your time to avoid pressure?
33 Do your religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs contribute to your serenity and happiness?
34 Do you frequently engage in activities that you really enjoy?
35 If you had severe problems, would you seek professional help?
36 Do you limit the drugs or medication you take for headaches?
37 Do you rarely, if ever, take drugs or medication to help you sleep?
38 Do you rarely, if ever, take drugs that affect your mood or help you relax?
39 Do you limit the coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks you use to keep youself awake?


40 Do you work 40 hours a week or less?
41 Do you enjoy your current job?
42 Do you get away from your work at lunch to eat and relax?
43 Do you feel that you maintain a balance between work and leisure?


44 Do you get regular checkups?
45 Do you get an annual complete physical?


46 Do you enjoy regular sexual relations?
47 Are you emotionally and physically satisfied with your sexuality?
48 Are you free of any chronic sexually transmitted diseases, or sexually related problems? (e.g. herpes, impotence)
49 When you have intercourse with someone other than a long-term mate, do you always use a condom?
50 Have you avoided unprotected sex (without a condom) with a prostitute or intravenous drug user in the last 8 years?

ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE: (See The Addiction Test)

51 Do you abstain from smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe?
52 Do you abstain from using cocaine, heroin, or other hard drugs?
53 Can you say alcohol/drug use has never caused problems in your life?
54 Do you drink less than seven drinks a week?

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