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The Friendship Test

A simple questionnaire to help you determine
the quality of your friendships!

The Relationship Test was co-written by Alexa Deans

This is a test you can take to determine if your relationship with someone is a good and healthy friendship, based on your agreement on the issues in the following questions.  It is understood that no two friends will agree on everything, but common values on basic issues will more likely ensure a balanced friendship.  No judgements are made as to right and wrong answers to any of these questions as they are relative to the particular circumstances and relationships and subject to the particular individuals.  Either way the criteria are the same, all things being equal.

How The Friendship Test Works

You simply fill out the answers to all the questions as honestly as you can. You can only guess as to how the particular friend you have in mind might answer those questions about their relationship with you - and that is the point.  The quality of your relationship with them can only be from your point of view and reflect your feelings about the relationship.  Were your friend to do the test as well, interesting similarities and differences of opinions as to each other and the relationship would be revealed. The least this test can do is provide the basis for a discussion with your friend with a view to increasing the quality and nature of your friendship.  The personal qualities of honesty and integrity, reliability, thoughtfulness, caring and generosity of both material things and spirit are explored in the questions below.

(NOTE: No information is kept so there is nothing that can be used for any other purpose.)

Complete honesty will provide a more accurate understanding of you and your partner's feelings and values and give you grounds for a healthy discussion of your relationship.

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