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The Dream Date Test


The Dream Date Test has been designed to help you determine how close you are to being the perfect date - to inspire you, or someone you know, to create and/or more fully enjoy the various facets of dating.

PERSONALITY: Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No".

1 Do you basically feel satisfied with yourself and your life?
2 Do you believe in yourself, and feel self-confident?
3 Are you known to be 'easy to talk to'?
4 Are you considered by others to be a 'good conversationalist'?
5 Do you have a variety of interests or hobbies?
6 Do you enjoy making others feel good?
7 Do you occasionally do things for others just to please them?
8 Do you believe that, romantically speaking, "there is someone for everyone"?
9 Do you take care about your appearance/grooming most of the time?
10 Do you enjoy going out by yourself or with friends?


11 Do you make an effort to be on time for a date?
12 Do you compliment your date on their appearance?
13 Do you try to make your date feel that they are the center of your attention? (That they are 'the only person in the room' in your eyes.)
14 Do you maintain good eye contact with your date, when possible? (Neither staring at them, or looking away constantly)
15 Do you show an interest in your date's occupation, interests, or hobbies?
16 Do you listen attentively to your date, without interrupting?
17 Do you 'give and take' in conversation with your date? (Neither dominating the conversation or being silent for long periods.)
18 Do you politely discuss subjects that your date brings up, even if you have little or no interest in the topic?
19 Do you pay attention to how your date is reacting to you? (Rather than being self-absorbed.)
20 Do you make your date feel 'special and unique' by extending sincere compliments about several of their personal qualities or attributes? (their wit, taste, personality, etc.)
21 Do you treat your date with respect, courtesy, and consideration whether you intend to go out with them again or not?
22 Do you tend to be open to spontaneous activities or changes in plan on a date?
23 Do you try to see the fun in everything during the date, rather than being critical?
24 Do you introduce your date if you happen to run in to people that you know?
25 Do you make an effort to be congenial and pleasant to others during the evening, even if you are displeased with them, for your date's sake? (Restaurant staff, ushers, bartenders, etc.)
26 Do you express appreciation at the end of the date?
27 Do you say "Thank you" when complimented by your date?
28 Do you look for positive things about your date as a person, instead of the negative?
29 Do you walk side by side with your date? (Rather than forging ahead or trailing behind them.)


30 Do you try to look your best for a date, and dress appropriately for what you will be doing? (Neither over-dressing or under-dressing)
31 Do you check your appearance occasionally during the date to make sure that everything is in order? (no spinach in your teeth, crumbs on your lapel, etc.)
32 Do you refrain from ordering 'messy' or 'bad-breath producing' menu items on a date?
33 Do you refrain from having more than a few alcoholic drinks on a date?
34 Do you use good etiquette while on a date? (basic social skills, proper table manners, appropriate language, etc.)
35 Do you present yourself realistically to your date? (neither over-playing or under-playing yourself and your achievements)
36 Do you practice openness and honesty with your date, in a considerate way?
37 Do you feel willing to reveal 'who you really are' to a date?
38 Do you refrain from revealing/mentioning information about your past or current romantic interests to a date, unless asked?
39 Do you refrain from allowing 'interruptions' during a date, when possible? (i.e. answering your cell phone or pager, 'talking shop' with business acquaintances whom you happen to run in to, etc.)
40 Do you make sure that your car is clean if you are doing the driving?

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