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The Creativity Test


The Creativity Test has been designed to help you determine how creative you are - to inspire you, or someone you know, to create and/or more fully enjoy the various facets of creative expression.

GENERAL: Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No".

1 Do you tend to lose track of time or your surroundings when doing something?
2 Do you tend to be physically expressive while you are talking? (i.e. use of hands, body movements, or facial expressions for emphasis)
3 Do you enjoy any of the following: conceptualizing, theorizing, researching, constructing, planning, organizing, studying, or analyzing?
4 Do you usually like to experience new things, people, activities, or places?
5 Do you have an interest, hobby, or talent that would fall in to any of the following broad categories: art, music, film, performing arts, design, literature, decorating, or crafts?
6 Do you have an interest, hobby, or talent that falls into any of the following broad categories: logic, natural or laboratory sciences, mathematics, computers, computer programming or engineering, construction/engineering, architecture, mechanical or theoretical design/engineering, communications technology, 'inventions', or 'gadgets'?
7 Do you remember anyone describing you or something you did as: artistic, creative, intuitive, inventive, ingenious, different, forward-thinking, groundbreaking, distinctive, pioneering, or imaginative?


8 Do you daydream or fantasize easily?
9 Do you ever use an ordinary item for something other than its intended purpose? ( i.e. a paper clip as a key ring, or twist-ties to repair/replace a picture wire)
10 Do you ever doodle?
11 Do you enjoy any 'mental' or 'strategy-oriented' games, pastimes, or puzzles? (i.e. crosswords, mazes, charades, tic tac toe, cards, checkers, chess, billiards, word games, fantasy games, etc.)
12 Do you tend to focus on the 'possibilities' of a situation more than the 'facts' of a situation?
13 Do you ever see pictures, animals, or faces in clouds, smoke, flames, fog, etc?
14 Do you ever find that the solution to a problem, or the answer to a question 'pops into your mind' unexpectedly?
15 Do you ever invent stories, themes, or ideas based on, or inspired by something in your everyday life? (i.e. a caption or title to go with a photo, or an 'occupation' for an interesting person you see)
16 Do you ever think of ways to improve the performance, design, or appearance of something? ( i.e. 'how to make a better mousetrap')
17 Do you enjoy 'brainstorming' more than following a traditional approach?
18 Do you visualize (picture things in your imagination) easily?
19 Do you ever think about ways to do a given task better, quicker, easier, or more efficiently?
20 Do you regularly find that one thing will remind you of something that SEEMS entirely different, but actually has a 'loose connection' to the first? (i.e. a 'blue car' also prompts you to think about 'blue moons', or 'feeling blue')
21 Do you often perceive , see, or feel more than one possible meaning/interpretation/purpose for sentences, pictures, behaviors, or events?


22 Do you often feel an urge to express something, or to 'let something from inside you come out' without knowing exactly what it is?
23 Do you have an expressive or unusual vocabulary, or style of speaking or writing?
24 Do you have a colorful, widely varied, or 'distinctive' personal wardrobe?
25 Do you 'collect' anything? ( books, antiques, unusual or eclectic decor, art, cars, pottery, etc.)
26 Do you ever enjoy putting 'finishing touches' on things?
27 Do you enjoy arranging, or thinking about the arrangement of objects or decor in your home, office, or other places?
28 Do you tend to make your own decisions instead of following the lead of others?
29 Do you ever get a feeling of Deja Vu? (the feeling that you have been somewhere, experienced something, or met someone before)
30 Do you like traveling?
31 Do you ever try something 'just to see what it is like'?
32 Do you like having 'colors' or 'visual interest' in your decor, surroundings, window views, or work environment?
33 Do you enjoy spontaneity more than routine?
34 Do you easily become bored with 'small talk'?
35 Do you feel that what you invent, create, do, produce, or make is an expression of "who you really are inside"?
36 Do you tend to like a private working space/office better than working close to others?
37 Do you still enjoy games that you played as a child?
38 Do you ever wonder how things work, or why things happen the way they do?
39 Do you feel any interest in cultures or lifestyles different from your own?
40 Do you ever try to imagine what it would be like to be a man, (if you are a woman) or a woman (if you are a man)?

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