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The Cheating Test


The Cheating Test has been designed to help determine if your mate is being unfaithful to you or if s/he is exhibiting patterns which indicate infidelity.

Note: For the sake of this test, we are using the term 'mate' to describe the partner, spouse, husband or wife.

THE OBVIOUS: Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No".

If your mate has exhibited even ONE of the following five behaviors then it is fairly obvious that something is going on which you don't know about. There may be no point in you continuing except to validate what you already know. What you do about your relationship as result of the test is of course up to you. Good luck.

  1. 1. Have you ever discovered lipstick on your mate's collar or odors of cologne/perfume on a his/her shirt or blouse?
  2. 2. Have you ever discovered a hickey on your mate's neck?
  3. 3. Have you ever found a charge slip in the waste basket from a nearby motel by mistake?
  4. 4. Have you ever found birth control devices; condoms, diaphragms that are not yours or normally used by you?
  5. 5. Have you ever accidentally discovered unusual stains on your mate's underwear while doing the wash or tidying up?

GENERAL: If you are not sure.

1 Is your mate overly or inappropriately friendly with any of your friends? Yes No
2 Have you ever had an anonymous phone call telling you that your mate is being unfaithful? Yes No
3 Has your mate ever told you about a new co-worker saying s/he is not very pretty, however, when you meet him/her they are gorgeous? Yes No
4 Have you ever found strange hair on your mate's clothes or on the seat of his/her car? Yes No
5 Have you ever found a present your mate received from a 'platonic friend' or a 'relative' which turned out to be sexy underwear? Yes No
6 Has your mate told you that s/he's visiting a friend who is sick to explain an unusual absence? Yes No
7 Does your mate say that s/he loves you, but doesn't act like it? Yes No


8 Has your mate started making excuses for working late or has s/he suddenly changed their work schedule for no apparent reason? Yes No
9 Has your mate started taking unexplained trips? Yes No
10 Has your mate suddenly changed his/her hair or clothes or begun to take more care with his/her appearance? Yes No
11 Has your mate suddenly started working out? Yes No
12 Have you noticed your mate no longer wearing his/her wedding ring? Yes No
13 Does your mate suddenly want to go places alone? Yes No
14 Is your mate now too quick to defend actions or thoughts? Yes No
15 Has your mate suddenly developed or suggested new sexual techniques, preferences or activities? Yes No
16 Does your mate seem stressed out for no reason and has become irritable? Yes No
17 Has your mate become abrupt in conversations with you? Yes No
18 Has your mate suddenly started bringing you flowers and acting unusually nice or attentive? Yes No
19 Has your mate suddenly stopped bringing you flowers anymore and acts especially mean or seems to find fault with you? Yes No
20 Does your mate now seem disinterested in sex, intimacy or affection with you? Yes No
21 Has your mate suddenly lost interest in activities or responsibilities in the home or with his/her children? Yes No
22 Has your mate suddenly started acting like a teenager who has a crush on someone? Yes No


23 Have you caught your mate having muffled or whispered phone conversations? Yes No
24 Has your mate ever panicked and hung up the phone when you entered the room? Yes No
25 Have you been answering the phone frequently to hear it hung up with no one on the line? Yes No
26 Have you discovered receipts or pieces of paper with unexplained phone numbers or addresses lying around? Yes No
27 Are there strange phone numbers on your call display? Yes No
28 Have you ever pressed the re-dial on the phone after your mate has used it to hear a stranger of the opposite sex answer? Yes No


29 Has your mate been sneaking around making phone calls at weird hours. Yes No
30 Have your phone bills gone way up with unknown numbers on them? Yes No
31 Are you getting phone calls from someone who claims that they work with your mate and have to ask him/her something important? When your mate answers s/he tells that person that they'll call later? Yes No
32 Does your mate explain things you didn't ask for or over-explain with lengthy reasons? Yes No
33 Have you discovered unexplained purchases on his/her credit card or withdrawals from bank accounts? Yes No
34 Does your mate ever respond with, "Its your imagination" to a question about their possible infidelity? Yes No
35 Have you discovered unexplained mileage on the car odometer? Yes No
36 Have you ever come home to find cigarette butts in the ashtray, yet nobody in the house smokes? Yes No


37 Does your mate rush through dinner and then spend the entire night on the PC, not talking to you at all? Yes No
38 Have you ever walked into the room and suddenly a screen saver pops up? Yes No
39 Does your mate have secret passwords for email? Yes No
40 Have you found your mate's bookmarks for chatrooms you didn't know about? Yes No

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