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The Cheating Test

A test to determine if your mate is, or has cheated on you.

Adultery is found among the rich, the poor, and the middle class; among all racial and ethnic groups; the beautiful and the plain; the young, the middle-aged and even the elderly. Not an exclusive province of heterosexuals, betrayal is as prevalent, and just as painful, in gay and lesbian relationships.

There are as many reasons for affairs as there are people having them. Assuming that a relationship is based on love and trust, and that infidelity is not acceptable to the partners, then the two major reasons for it occurring are marital tension and/or character defects on the part of the cheating spouse. The tension in a relationship can be due to any of a number of factors such as financial problems, value conflicts, long periods of separation, in-law problems and career issues. These problems create a strain on the marriage, with the result being an impairment in the couple's capacity to relate and the eventual straying of one partner.

The second situation where personality development on the part of the unfaithful partner is defective, and the individual is unable to maintain long term sexual interest in one mate. Here you have the people who cannot commit, those who fear intimacy, sex addicts, and narcissistic character types. These individuals are motivated by unconscious needs and fears, and repeatedly seek out extramarital entanglements.

How The Cheating Test Works

You simply fill out the answers to all of the questions as honestly as you can.  You may choose to let your mate know what your findings are - or not - as you see fit.  We hope that this test will provide you with the information you need to understand what is going on in your relationship and to do what is necessary for your well-being. Your mate might well agree to marital counselling if you decide you wish to try to recover the relationship.

(NOTE: No information is kept so there is nothing that can be used for any other purpose.)

Complete honesty will provide a more accurate understanding of you and your partner's feelings and values and give you grounds for a healthy discussion of your relationship.

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