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The Anger Test


The questions measure anger by both situational factors and emotional/mental/physical indicators. The Anger Test is designed to take many of these factors into account and give you a general idea of how much anger you, or someone you know, may currently be experiencing and/or manifesting.

Note: If you have someone else in mind when doing the test, substitute the words 's/he' or 'your friend', for 'you'.

DEFINITE INDICATORS: Answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

If you answer Yes to ANY of the following seven questions
, you definitely have an anger problem; with the distinct possibility of violent behavior. There is No need to take the remainder of The Anger Test. Please Click refer to the Conclusions Page for more detailed information and recommendations.

  1. Do you lose your temper on a daily basis?
  2. Do you frequently start or get involved in physical fights?
  3. Have you done significant vandalism or property damage recently?
  4. Have you increased your use of drugs or alcohol lately?
  5. Have you recently made plans to commit an act of violence?
  6. Have you announced threats or plans for hurting others lately?
  7. Do you enjoying hurting animals?

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

1 Do people tell you that you 'need to calm down, or take it easy'? Yes No
2 Do you feel tense much of the time? Yes No
3 At work, do you find yourself Not saying what is on your mind? Yes No
4 Do people ask you Not to yell or curse so much? Yes No
5 Do you often have trouble falling asleep? Yes No
6 Do you have a quick or a hot temper-and/or lose it often? Yes No
7 Do you tend to hold your feelings inside rather than talk them out? Yes No
8 Do you get irritated when someone gets in your way? Yes No
9 When you are tired or stressed out, do you usually get irritable or 'short' with others? Yes No
10 Do you get upset when someone fails to give you credit for your work; or criticizes your work? Yes No
11 Do you get upset when someone criticizes your looks or opinions? Yes No
12 Do you get mad when someone takes advantage of you? Yes No
13 Do you get angry at yourself when you make a foolish mistake or do poorly in front of others? Yes No
14 Do you get angry at yourself when you put off important things? Yes No
15 Do you react quickly when you feel you've been wronged, rather than wait before responding? Yes No
16 Have you ever been accused of being 'racist', 'homophobic', or a 'misogynist'? Yes No
17 Do you get jealous of other's successes? Yes No
18 Do you get pleasure imagining ways to get revenge on those who may have wronged you? Yes No
19 Have you ever been accused of failing to acknowledge the feelings or rights of others? Yes No
20 Do you get angry with yourself when doing something 'against your morals or better judgment'? Yes No
21 Do your loved ones keep saying that you are hurting them? Yes No
22 Do friends Not seek you out as much as they used to? Yes No


23 Did your parents often have angry/verbal or violent confrontations with each other, or anyone else? Yes No
24 Were you bullied or physically abused as a child? Yes No
25 Do you have a history of discipline problems or frequent run-ins with authority? Yes No


26 Do you feel misunderstood or 'not listened to' much of the time? Yes No
27 Do you often feel rejected, alone, vulnerable, weak or powerless? Yes No
28 Do you feel disrespected or unappreciated by anyone or anything? Yes No
29 Do you feel the world or God has done you wrong; or that you have been 'short-changed in life' in some way? Yes No
30 Do you feel victimized, frustrated, resentful, bitter or 'bitchy' a lot? Yes No
31 Do you feel rebellious, hostile, mean, evil or destructive often? Yes No BEHAVIORS:
32 When you are upset, do you try to block the world out by watching TV, reading a book or magazine, or going to sleep? Yes No
33 Are you are drinking or smoking marijuana almost daily to help you 'calm down' or 'deal with things'? Yes No
34 Do you drink alcohol or use drugs in an amount or with a frequency that would generally be considered 'unhealthy'? Yes No
35 Do you get angry or mellow when you are 'high'? Yes No
36 Have you been in more than one physical fight as an adult? Yes No
37 Have you vandalized property or damaged property in anger? Yes No
38 Do you use threats of any sort to get what you want? Yes No
39 Have you 'withdrawn' from family or friends? Yes No
40 Do you have an unusual fascination with weaponry of any kind? (guns, knives, etc.) Yes No

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