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The Journey Within

The journey within is sometimes
arduous and always without end. 
For the journey itself is the reward.
The experience of one's progress in

There is joy in the discovery of
oneself as painful as it may be at times,
for we are constantly becoming
who we are.

There is no more noble quest
than that of Truth and the
revelations of our true nature.

We must accept that we may have
taken wrong turns and ignored
certain signposts on our journey.
Or followed those who were lost.

But we must not be afraid to
ask for directions as we may
meet someone who has been
down this road before.

The beauty of the soul journey
is that at any point we can choose
to turn around and strike out in
a new direction and on a new path.

The journey within is to find out
who we thought we may have been
in order to uncover who we really are.


Pointing Fingers

Pointing fingers only shows us
What we have to learn.
With one accusing outward
And three turned right back in.

Some things have happened long ago
To every one of us.
Some things affecting us today.
We must find what it was.

The bright eyed woman always smiles
The pain down deep inside.
She seeks for love outside herself
With no one to confide.

The man so brave and confident
The child within so hurt.
Pretending he can fix all things
Except his own sad heart.

Not to accuse and not to blame
To heal, and grow and see.
To understand from where we came
To where we want to be.


Life itself knows no degrees,
Not what you feel,
Nor what you see,
Not what you say,
Nor what you do,
All that you are is real and true.

For one to teach
That one must know.
For one to learn
That one must show
All that is right
And what is true.
The teacher/student
Become new.


Perhaps is a word not often used
Though it surely should be so.
For accepting possibilities
Means opening up the door.

Conceivably the choices are
Both manifold and varied.
To say perhaps can mean let go
To all that we are married.

At first say yes, and then decide
If no would better serve.
Perhaps is best when you're in doubt
And no, a distant third.

The straight and narrow way can be
A prison in our minds.
Releasing all that holds us back
Perhaps now is the time. .


Nothing lasts forever,
Though some last quite some time.
In the dream that we created
Where nothing is sublime.

But in reality we see
The truth that does exist.
The past, the future, meaningless
The now is All That Is.

The time and space continuum
Seems real enough to be
A statement of our finiteness
But not infinity.

The limitations of this world
Are only stepping stones.
We must rise up above them
To find our true way home.

More to come