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My 2 Sense

Pet Peeves

Irritating little things that annoy me. We all have them.

Empty Words: There is an infinite amount of love in this world. But I'm sure sick and tired of hearing meaningless verabaliztions of "I love you" from every rock star and Hollywood celebrity while on a talk show.

Sneakers with Suits:
I accept that I'm an old fart who is no longer cool but no fashion statement drives me as nuts as seeing a guy in a nice suit, shirt and tie wearing white sneakers on his feet. Sneakers, running shoes, or call them by brand; Air Jordons, Nikes or what have you. It just looks dorky. I'm sure its comfy to walk in them, but it just plain looks silly. Now every morning in the downtown of every city in the western world we see women going to work in their business suits wearing sneakers. BUT they are all carrying bags with their dress pumps in them to change into at the office. That just makes sense. But Armani does not go with Saucony.

The Need to Analzye: News used to be the factual reporting of events with the only commentary, analysis or review of those events being editorials, or year-end reviews. Today, our news is inundated with pundits and "experts" who endlessy yap about events as they happen and speculate wildly about shit they know nothing about and have no information on. Sometimes I just want to bitchslap Wolf Blitzer cause he's those worst of the bunch. To him, facts are just the springboard to the flights of his own imagination, masked as insight.

Man Hugs: Is it just me who finds the new awkward American man-hug weird? Seriously, in recent years we have been seeing male talk show hosts, politicians and others in public view offer a reluctant embrace only loosely resembling the robust male hug of Frenchmen and Italians. The participants look very uncomfortable doing so with a quick pat on the other man's back and a quick suspiciously homophobic backstep. Why bother? Europeans accompany the male-hug with one or two or three cheek kisses depending on nationality, but the hug itself has sincerity attached. Even mafia guys hug and kiss and cry with more feeling than Jay Leno greeting Dr. Phil.

Split Screen TV Promos & Ads: It drives me nuts to see an ad running on the bottom of the screen advertising a program during another program. It does a profound disservice to the program on the air, the people who made it and the viewer watching it.It doesn't matter that the show being advertised will have a promo for yet another show running at the bottom during its broadcast.

Also it pisses me off when instead of cutting from a live sports show to commercial, they run the commercial in a small window on one side of the screen and the sports event in a small window on the other side of the screen, doing both a disservice. Why would you spend money to advertise only to have half the audience watching the event and not the ad? The network THINKS they are doing right by the viewer in not letting him miss any of the action, but with the smaller screen and the addition of video and audio for the commercial running at the same time, good luck with that.

Men's Washroms: Guys who piss in stalls rather than urinals are either ridiculously shy or have embarrassingly small dicks. Either way they are selfish assholes.

TV Volume: Having worked in broadcast TV I know that the CRTC has rules about volume levels. TV stations have audio limiters on their master control so that whatever goes out, be it a program or a commercial, the maximum volume is required to be the same reasonable level. With cable and satelite TV, this has gone right out the window. Even the broadcast networks are carried over the cable, and Shaw and Rogers do nothing to regulate volume levels so commercials can knock you out of your Lazy-Boy. It's time they were required to limit audio levels so we don't all end up as deaf as Pete Townsend.

TV Reruns:
It bugs the shit out me that when the networks give us reruns, they rerun a show from 2 weeks ago. Letterman, Leno, Fallon, Ferguson. Why can't they rerun a show from 6 months ago that maybe we missed or at least forgotten? It's like TV stuttering and that is annoying.

Avoidance: I really can't stand it when people refuse to answer a direct question. They either respond on a tangent, or a completely new topic, one advantageous to themselves, or simply ignore the question. Needless to say, people who do this regularly are politicians, lawyers and cops when caught with their pants down.

Books 4: Ever notice how when an author becomes rich and famous his/her subsequent novels are all shorter; less pages, bigger type. Why is this? They get lazy? Some authors I won't buy anymore because of this.

Books 3:
Maybe some people like it, but I hate the "free" chapter from the author's forthcoming tome at the back of the book I bought. If the book is 600 pages, then I want 600 pages of the story I bought. But then I don't watch the, "stay tuned for scenes from next week's episode" on TV either.

Books 2:
. It drives me fucking nuts when I buy a pocketbook I read a couple of years ago and don't realize it because it has been re-released with new cover art.

Books 1:
Why is the difference between the U.S. price and Canadian price 10% to 25% when the difference in our money is more like 2% to 3%? Who's making the vig on this deal?

More to come daily..okay...when I feel like it....okay...when the spirit moves me