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TransLink Rides The Gravy Train

The Translink board is appointed and is not responsible to the public in any way.

March 16, 2012 - Without Prejudice
Translink is the entity that controls all transportation in the Lower Mainland; it’s funding, construction and operation. The Translink board is appointed and is not responsible to the public in any way. Its overpaid executives are pompous know-it-alls who care little about the cost to the public for their extravagances as they ride the gravy train.

The number of employees at TransLink earning $75,000 or more has ballooned 250 per cent over the past six years, with the pay for some managers jumping as much as 90 per cent. The only good thing Translink has ever done is build the Skytrain system although their need to express their collective ego in making the stations architectural wonders rivals Larry Berg’s YVR for unnecessary excess.

But for 27 years Skytrain has run on the honour system with the inevitable and obvious result being the lose of $4 million per year revenue in unpaid fares. Do the math. Only now are they putting in turnstiles. And get this, these morons now have a law fining people for not paying the fare, but they neglected to put in an enforcement mechanism, so no one has to pay the fine because there is no way they can be collected. Brilliant!

Similar fare losses on busses have yet to be dealt with and their methods to ensure the safety of bus drivers, and passengers continues to be a complete failure.

But recently TransLink announced a change that they make all too frequently. They voted themselves a raise! Where else is incompetence rewarded but in the public sector, particularly at the excecutive level of the welfare pyramid. And of course they voted for increased fares only to be turned down by the TransLink Commmissioners who showed some small awareness of the economic stress fare increases put on the public.

It’s a recurring theme in our world these days. Those who would rule us consider themselves entitled to live like kings and support their lifestyles on the backs of the majority.

I will be adding more to this in the future including my opinions on the reasons for the insane traffic situation in the Lower Mainland and the historic lack of vision and intelligence on the part of these “experts” who are responsible. Further, being a lover of simple solutions, and yes folks, believe it or not, sometimes the solutions to complex problems really are simple, I will be offering a number of specific ideas to improve traffic flow around Vancouver.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith