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BC Teacher's Federation Demands

February 26, 2012

As any right thinking person would acknowledge, teachers are a fundamental resource for our society and the future of our children. Without teachers, our country would fall apart. Teachers are vital to create new generations of doctors, scientists, inventors, manufacturers, communicators, business people, administrators - the list is endless.

That said, the current battle between the BC Government and the BCTF has shown the union to be an elitist organization of individuals who believe their members have an entitlement not due to 90% of the rest of society. Their demanded benefits package would be the envy of CEO's in the private sector for God's sakes.

You've seen the TV ads by the BCTF,it's all for the students. Right. Enhancing the quality of eduction. Right. Wrong. Its about the teachers; what they should earn and how little they should work and how much time off they should get. And who pays, why you and I and our kids, of course.

  1. A 22% increase in salary (the maximum would move from $74,353 to $90,944 a year).
    Now WHO get's a 22% increase in salary in this economic time, aside from CEO's, bankers and politicians?

  2. Plus: two days off to write report cards, plus one hour off per individual student interim report.
    Huh? Isn't that part of the job?

  3. Up to 10 days off for the death of any friend or relative plus two days more if travel is involved.
    You've GOT to be kidding! Who gets this? It should be a week off for the death of any immediate family member only.

  4. Sick leave provisions for Teachers On Call.
    If you're on call, you're already at home, you don't NEED anything if you're sick except not to be called in.

  5. Up to 26 weeks of fully paid leave per year to provide direct or indirect compassionate care to any person.
    Any person? No no, immediate family members only. 26 weeks is insane!

  6. Eight days off a year whenever a teacher wants. Huh?

  7. Parental and maternity leave to allow up to 5 years of leave per child.
    Why not make it 18 years to be sure the child is going to make it in life?

  8. 5 more days off for professional development, at teacher's discretion.
    5 MORE?

  9. Up to five days off a year to care for their child or any other person.
    There's that "any person" thing again. Who is this person?

  10. Unlimited leave for teachers for union business.
    Excuse me? You want the employer, (you and I) to pay for the teacher to do union business to undermine us?

  11. Big benefits upgrades fully pay MSP, extended health and dental, applying to all teachers (no matter how many hours they work).
    Sweetheart deal, where to I sign up?

  12. Employer pays all professional fees.
    Right, of course.

There you have it folks, and not one mention of the "students" anywhere in there. Here is a case where a union is completely out of step with its members and society at large. Entitlement shines in an adversarial collective bargaining system. The inmates run the asylum.

You give me good honest reasons why teacher's need more pay, and why schools need more money to ensure a proper education for our kids and I'll empty my wallet. But don't go telling me that my son's teacher's best friends uncle should get free dental care or any of the other outrageous demands above.

C. Smith

PS. Well they're going out on strike for 3 days. I think Susan Lambert, president of the BCTF is as corrupt and dishonest as the politicians she rails against. With the BCTF representing the interests of teachers, and the government representing the interests of the people of BC there is one party missing in the negotiations; parents representing the interests of their children attending the schools.