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The Senate Wall of Shame

February 27, 2013 - Without Prejudice

The Usual Suspects

UPDATE: Nov 13, 2013

Big Three Suspended from Senate

Senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau
was are on the bench without pay for up to two years while criminal proceedings are dealt with.'s a start.

Wallin is threatening to sue the government saying she was dismissed without due process. Geez....don't police officers & school teachers get suspended without pay while awaiting trials and their outcomes?

Mike Duffy

Senators Carry on their Tradition of "Pigs at the Trough"

Unelected. Unaccountable. Under Investigation.

Senator Mike Duffy
was one of three senators accused of claiming residency outside of Ottawa in order to claim living expenses for work in Ottawa. What a surprise! Oh, almost forgot, quel surprise!

Duffy, who has lived and worked in Ottawa for decades, has claimed his primary residence is in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island and claimed $42,802 in living expenses for the national capital region from Nov. 30, 2010 to Nov. 30, 2012.

Cavendish resident Morgan Eisenhaur said "We’ve never seen Mike Duffy, he should show some leadership on this. He should have known better.

Duffy faces the additional question of whether he qualifies to be a senator if it's determined that he doesn't live in P.E.I. The Constitution says senators must "be resident" of the province or territory which they represent, but it doesn't say what that means.

"I'm an Island resident, and I'm entitled to be a senator," Duffy said. "I've met all of those requirements."

This prick's ego is so out of orbit that he once sued a magazine for referring to him as the "Puffster" as he claimed it cost him the Order of Canada. Does he sound like a raging egomaniac to you? He sure does to me. Listen, this dickhead was an Ottawa reporter for CTV News in the 70's investigating politicians and bureaucrats for exactly this kind of behavior. As such he should be squeeky clean. Shame on you Mike.

Update - May 16, 2013

So Mike Duffy was booted from the Conservative caucus Thursday night having resigned under pressure by his party. If he had any integrity at all he would have resigned from the Senate as well as the Conservative Caucus. The guy is a thief, plain and simple.

What is even more repugnant is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's right hand man, Nigel Wright wrote Duffy a personal cheque to cover a $90,000 repayment for potentially improper Senate expenses. You'd think Duffy would have the financial assets to pay the money back himself. Maybe he spent all his ill gotten gains on Twinkies.
And what REALLY makes this onerous is that the Harper government is praising Duffy for showing “leadership” in returning the stolen expense money. He should have his fucking fat ass kicked.

I'd say, "and you wonder why politicians can't understand why the people are cynical about them," but they don't wonder, they know. They just don't give a shit.

Appointed by Stephen Harper

Appointed 2009-01-02 Retirement 2021-05-27 Cost to taxpayers over last three years: $1,165,778

Now here's another good one, this guy looks downright scary.

Senator Patrick Brazeau, is on a leave of absence from the Senate. He faces assault and sexual assault charges and is being audited for Senate expense claims.

Brazeau is also charged with assault and sexual assault. But this asshole will keep his seat AND get paid but is on a leave of absence until the charges are dealt with. He will sit as an Independent because he has been removed from the Conservative caucus.

A senator’s base salary is about $135,000 a year, plus benefits and expenses, and they serve until 75. It is better than winning a lottery. No shit.

Appointed by Stephen Harper

Patrick Brazeau

Appointed 2009-01-08 Retirement 2049-11-11 Cost to taxpayers over last three years: $901,893

Pamela Wallin Former TV personality, Senator Pamela Wallin hit it big on the same day as Mike Duffy. Currently under review for not meeting her residency requirements, Wallin owns property in Toronto, but is a Senator for Saskatchewan.

She’s currently being audited for billing taxpayers $350 000 in highly-questionable travel costs since September 2010. The expenses relate mostly to her travels between Ottawa and Toronto. :Odd considering Saskatchewan is her home province.

She also has an Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) card. Why not a Saskatchewan one?

Shame on you, Pam.

Double Update - May 16, 2013

As of tonight's news, Ms. Wallin has also resigned from the Conservative Caucus. And, like Mike Duffy, will retain her seat in the Senate, because it pays a great salary with terrific benefits and perks.

She has also resigned as head of two Senate Committees for "personal reasons." So, I guess she figures it's okay to do no work and accept money. Good job if you can get it.

Appointed 2009-01-02 Retirement 2028-04-10 Cost to taxpayers over last three years: $1,285,824
Appointed by Stephen Harper
Senator Mac Harb is currently being audited for claiming over $30,000 in travel and living expenses since 2010, despite owning several Ottawa properties.

Appointed by Jean Chrétien in 2003, after serving as an MP for Ottawa-Centre for 15 years.

Harb has not responded to requests for an interview about where he lives, but his office has told the Ottawa Citizen that he listed his primary residence in the Whitewater region of the Ottawa Valley.

A neighbour said Harb is not a familiar face in the neighbourhood of La Passe, 145 km from Ottawa.

“I’ve never seen him,” she said. “I’ve seen him on TV. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what he looks like.”

Patrick Brazeau

Appointed 2003-09-09 Retirement 2028-11-10 Cost to taxpayers over last three years: $917,527

Appointed by Stephen Harper

Andrew Thompson But this guy takes the cake. Who can forget Senator Andrew Thompson.

This jerkoff came to work only 12 times between June 1990 and December 1997 – while continuing to collect a paycheque. He claimed for 20 years his absence was due to medical reasons. Ones which only daily infusions of tequila on the beach in Mexico could cure.

When he failed to show up after being ordered to do so, he was drummed out of the Liberal caucus. He was ultimately found in contempt of the Senate for not showing up in Ottawa to explain his absences. Thompson was stripped of his salary, but he resigned and managed to hold on to his pension.

Appointed by Jean Chretien
Appointed 1967-09-09 Resigned 1998 Cost to taxpayers over last three years: $1,482,000
17 of 104 senators refused to provide information including proof of residence and 8 didn't answer requests. How's that for respecting the people, our democracy and its laws.

The reality that Canada’s appointed Senate is indeed a scandal-ridden ”useless, expensive, undemocratic appendage of government”? That a majority of democracy-loving Canadians don’t really find the unfolding Senatorial soap opera engulfing mostly his appointees that funny? Harper is obviously a lousy judge of people to have appointed dishonest dirtbags like Duffy, Brazeau, Wallin and Harb.

Senators work an average of 69 days in a year and their annual salary is $132,000. The truth is the Senate is a patronage position - virtually a lifetime patronage position - with little responsibility or accountability.  Even if a senator attends every sitting, he's still working less than half the number of days the average Canadian would work.

AND in case you've forgotten, Mr. Harper was one of the original Reform policy creators with platform of the "Triple E Senate", a Senate that was to be equal, elected and effective. So much for that.

Listen, our Senate is a joke. It does nothing. It is a rubber stamp for parliament, unlike the American Senate which provides a check and balance to their Congress. Ours is a patronag parking lot for hockey players, entertainers, broadcasters and other friends of the current PM.

We either need to abolish it, or reform it and kick all these narcissistic entitled assholes to the curb.

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