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Kits Foreshore Seawall - Free Funding!

A Bipartisan Attempt to Float a Boat

July 14, 2012
Without Prejudice
Under "common property access rights," Vision Coun. Geoff Meggs says residents are free to walk between Kitsilano Beach and Jericho Park in front of many multi-million dollar homes.

He made the suggestion in the council chambers Tuesday during debate about an idea to connect the seawall between the beach and the park.

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Meggs’ suggestion came during NPA Coun. George Affleck’s motion to have city staff study the feasibility of connecting the seawall between the beach and the park.

What is amazing about this is the bipartisan nature of this idea. How unusual for Vancouver City Council.

And more oddly than that, I actually have no opinion on the issue at this time.


My sense of orderliness really appreciates the "look" of the existing seawalls around Stanley Park and False Creek. Although not a runner, blader, bicycler or walker, I also understand how wonderful the seawalls are to those enthusiasts to the point where tourists make a point of using them.

To take the "virgin" foreshore and build a seawall and concrete pathway above high tide may indeed have some ecological ramifications of which I am ignorant. Will it upset the harbour seals? Will it unbalance the barnicles and seaweed and wee little ocean creatures that inhabit them? I have no idea, but you can bet the answers will be forthcoming.

What I do know is there will probably be a shitstorm of protest from the rich guys whose mansions top the cliffs above the proposed seawall route. Although no one can actually "own" beaches, the divine right of money usually gives an entitlement to a certain level of privacy, especially given the taxes those people pay. However, sometimes our democratic principles actually come into play, and the rich will be told to get over it. Now if the NPA dominated City Council as it did for so many years, this seawall would never be built. But the friendly Vision folks just love to stick it to the rich...and show their dominance over the rest of us.

Now comes an interesting question. Who is the mystery donor who offered to fund this expansion of the seawall for many millions of dollars. And more importantly, what is his or her motive for doing so? Even though many rich people donate large amounts of money to charities and hospitals soley out of the goodness of their hearts, there are as many other cases of people donating money for hidden agendas that could include preferential treatment from City Hall. Full disclosure would determine if the mystery donor was the former or later.

Now and finally, Council is also looking at a seawall along the southern Marine drive foreshore of the Fraser River, which again, I know nothing about. But here is the rub. At some point they are going to want to hook it all up and THAT means from Spanish Banks around the point and Wreck Beach to meet up with down by the river. That would spell the end to Vancouver's and one of the world's best nude beaches and that would be a crying shame. I've enjoyed for 40 years and only gave it up 5 years ago do to health and the belief that some things belong to younger people. Finally, should some fool try to do this, they would have Judy Williams and 4000 raging nudists to content with.

Just my opinon

Courtney Smith