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My 2 Sense

What is the difference between these people

....and these people?


Not much! Well except for the guy on the far right, Ron Paul, who actually is believable as someone who is sincere in his desire to serve the American people rather than his own ego.

Seriously, how can the American people and the Republican party put forth such a comprehensive selection of idiots is beyond me. It's embarrassing. You have Newt, who was censured for ethics by his own party, preached family values while cheating on his wives and attempting to have an open marriage and collected $1.6 million from Freddie Mac as a lobbyist while claiming not to be a Washington insider. This guy is a one man Jerry Springer show.

Then you have Mitt Romney, a self-made gazillionaire, who acquired his riches in the dubious world of equity takeovers while claiming to be a job creator; a guy who pays 15% taxes on his capital income. How many people has he put out of work?

Rick Perry? You gotta be kidding. Michelle Bachmann. Now there is a true psycho, she and her wackadoodle husband. She kinda makes you long for Sarah Palin. Nuff said.

Herman Cain, the pizza man. Seems his fast delivery had just a tad too much of a personal touch, nudge nudge wink wink. Jon Huntsman, as a trade man for George W., was responsible for selling America to China. A dubious achievement.

I understand the the GOP is desperate to get Obama out of office, but I doubt any of these clowns can do it. The Republican party is a free enterprise party that sold its soul to big business, the banks, Wall Street, the Saudis and now China. I simply cannot understand why the middle class or the working poor could even conceive that the GOP cares about them when their current unemployment, home equity and general financial straights are a direct result of Republican policies. My two cents.