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Parliament - The Politician's Dysfunctional Sandbox

With Prejudice - Feb. 20, 2012
Parliament The Conservative Party, Stephen Harper and his cronies have brought political discourse in Canada to an all new low. Yelling, insulting, demeaning and belittling are the tools used by the the Tory MPs when anyone disagrees with them.

Like kids in a schoolyard, they bully their platform through parliament, and in the media, caring not about what others may think. Not that the Liberals would be any different, its just that the Conservatives have set a new benchmark; a kind of a limbo pole of debate.

Voters in ridings across Canada have reported receiving automated and live calls, purportedly from the Conservatives, that gave out erroneous information. Some of the calls told voters their polling locations had changed, while others allegedly impersonated Liberal candidates and deliberately called at inconvenient times.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly denied the involvement of his party and has called the scandal an unsubstantiated “smear campaign” by opposition parties.

I mean really, are we some banana republic or what?


Do we need Jimmy Carter and a UN Delegation to come in and supervise our elections? It really doesn't matter whether the Conservatives did this or the Liberals did it to smear the Conservatives. The bottomline is that our parliament is full of immature, power hungry jerks who can't get a decent job on the street and could care less about the citizens of this country. Government is about staying in power and keeping up the perk train.

Click to sign a petition to the Governor General, The Right Honourable David Johnston to have him dissolve Parliament and call for a full election.

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