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No More Gregor

Time this opportunist hit the road.

September 1, 2014
Without Prejudice

Gregor Robertson

Gregor Robertson, like so many other dynamic, handsome, young politicians is full of shit. Like Glen Clark and Gordo Campbell, holding office has nothing to do with serving the people, but is about serving themselves; their egos and their agendas.

This self styled opportunist has a Vision for Vancouver; to make us the greenest city in the world. This is his legacy. Wake up buddy, this is not Amsterdam, or London, or Paris, or NYC. It rains 6 months of the year here and you don't see a bicycle in sight during half the year.

The problem with civic politics in Vancouver is that it mirrors the polarized right/left of provincial politics. For 37 years the NPA ran the city with their Shaughnessy attitudes. Then the flip to COPE and now Vision with their NDP imagined "of the people" stance. The fact is both parties are elitist and view their elections as mandates to do whatever they please.

In my view that is NOT what democracy is about. I'm well aware that you can't run governments by referendums, but as I've said elsewhere in this blog, the public must not only be heard in public consultation but actually listened to. And Gregor, like Gordo Campbell hears but doesn't listen.

So, this November we have the opportunity to get rid of Gregor in favour of Kirk Lapointe, who looks a helluva lot better. Who knows, the pendulum may swing yet again. The thing is, if you don't vote, or you destroy your ballet because you feel neither of the candidates are worthy, then the incumbent wins.

So, why get rid of Gregor?

  1. Gregor promised to end homelessness in Vancouver by 2015. Now it's 2014 and homelessness is in fact up. So what this means is that the mayor is either a bullshit artist making false promises to get elected or he is monumentally naive.

    Ending homelessness has to do largely with the national shame of the disparity between the rich and poor and the erosion of the middle class. It has to do with the provincial government closing Riverview putting 3000 mentally challenged people on the streets, vulnerable to drugs, starvation and disease. It has to do with housing and the lack thereof and the lack of political will at all levels to really deal with the root causes of homelessness.

    So nice try Gregor, but no cigar.

  2. During the 2008 campaign Robertson promised he would establish a mental health advocate position.In September 2009, it was announced that there were no plans to do so, and that instead the task would be added to the responsibilities of city staff.

  3. Mr. Robertson had the gall to say the provincial government should have a referendum on the proposed bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel. Yet he has had NO referendums on his green plan of bike lanes, greenways and his proposal to take down the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts.

  4. The mayor has spent at least $25 million on his Green City Action Team initiatives. How much is the actual total up to today?

  5. Did I mention his creation of the Point Grey Enclave for the rich and famous? He arbitrarily cut off Point Grey road to two way traffic.

  6. Gregor and his Vision folks have interfered in Park Board business including trying to centralize funding of community centers which traditionally had autonomy. The idea was, well funded more affluent communities would subsudise the poorer ones. Nice idea, but the public had no say in it.

  7. In an April 2008 speech to a Critical Mass rally, Robertson requested their assistance to help get him elected.He took part in that ride by illegally riding without a helmet to show his support for the protesters.However in July 2009, after he was elected, he expressed that he was "pissed off" at Critical Mass because organizers had not announced the route for the next ride and that he would not participate. Can you spell hypocrite?

  8. In July 2010, Robertson was caught on an open microphone referring to speakers from the public at a council session as, "Who are all these fucking...who are these hacks, man? Are they...they NPA hacks?" Robertson and Councilors Tim Stevenson and Heather Deal went on to mock and laugh at the speakers who had called for greater transparency in the selection of a 12-person committee that will advise council on rezoning. Robertson's tirade became a YouTube sensation, which led to him making a public apology. Representatives of the speakers felt that the profanity was not the issue, but the disrespect of citizens who were attempting to voice their concerns.

  9. On January 12, 2009 Robertson requested an amendment to the Vancouver Charter to allow the city to borrow $458 million to fund the completion of the Olympic Village in False Creek without seeking approval from taxpayers in an election-day plebiscite.

  10. Robertson admitted to not having read the 1994 report on that year's Stanley Cup Riot prior to the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. Robertson later accepted some of the responsibility for allowing the riot to occur.

So there you go, enuff said. I'll vote for Lapointe simply because I have to and hope he wins and turns out to not be an honest guy.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith