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Vancouver park board to look at shrinking Langara golf course

The city's ruling party is eyeing the 18-hole Langara Golf Course to
create more green space in an underserved corner of the city.

July 12, 2012
Without Prejudice
Langara Golf Course

WTF is going on? The Parks Board is as whacko as Council.

Vision Vancouver park commissioner Aaron Jasper will bring a motion to the board this Monday asking staff to study "usage and revenue metrics" of three city-owned golf courses with the idea of creating passive green space, sports fields or even an outdoor concert venue.

"My Vision colleagues are very supportive and I think I am on the right track with this," said Jasper, the board's vice-chairman.

Actually, Aaron, you're an idiot.

Vancouver has five public golf courses serving a population of 578,000 people. Oh and 2 pitch & putt courses for the duffers which aren't really golf courses per se. 21.5% of the population play golf compared to 1.6% who play hockey. Are you getting the picture? So, 21.5% of our population in Vancouver is 124,270 who love and play the sport of golf. With 5 courses to play on, the means each course must accomodate 24,854 golfers.

Since golf courses are green spaces, and they are used by 124,270 people, I would suggest that they are very much utilized. As well, there will be no new golf courses, either private or public built in Vancouver in future due to land costs so we'd better hang on to what we have. This reminds me of when the duplicious provincial government of the time allowed the sale of the Westwood racetrack property for housing by promising to provide land for a new racetrack. Didn't ever happen.

Next and most important is the kids. Where does a kid learn to golf? Unless dad is rich or has a corporate account with a private course where the kid can play, there are only the public courses to encourage, teach, train and nuture our golfers of the future. And THAT folks is important.

Which brings us back to this dickhead, Aaron Jasper. What exactly does this guy know about golf? Does he play? If so, where did HE learn to play? Does he have any research to back up his cockamamie ideas?

Listen, my father was a scratch golfer and Junior Canadian Champion in 1923, who could have been a pro after WWII, but he chose to go into business instead. He became his company's ringer in sponsored golf events and loved the sport til the day he died. I was his biggest disappointment in that regard in that I hated the sport, found it boring and never did embrace it.

BUT....I understand the popularity of the sport, the skill and talent involved, the healthy aspects to playing the game, the intellectual and social aspects of playing with others, and the very obvious care and attention paid in keeping golf courses healthy and beautiful.

An aside. Is there a school out there that trains people to become morons so they can run for office? You know, Numbnuts Collegiate? Seriously, where to these Vision and NDP people come from to conjur up such dumbass ideas as this one, or the end of the Vancouver Historical Streetcar line? This also struck me when Glen Clark came up with the Fast Ferries. He must have graduated suma cum laude, fucked up the province, and then being the slightly crooked, non-socialist opportunist he is, went off to make millions as Jimmy Pattison's butt boy. Seriously, where do these people come from?

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Courtney Smith