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Organized Crime

Organized Crime - Draconian measures are needed to eliminate gangs

March 2, 2013

The Hell's Angels, the Mafia, the Tongs and all the other gangs have to go.

Listen, the Mafia has been in North America since 1890, the Hell's Angels have been around since 1953 and still they continue to plague society as a whole with drug dealing, loan sharking, prostitution, protection rackets and violence.

The government and police had a five year warning about the Tongs and Triads coming prior to Hong Kong reverting to China. And still we let them in? 15 years later and they are thriving here along with former Red Guards from China.

We have Vietanmese heroin dealing gangs in Nanaimo, the Jamaican Posse in Toronto, and Iranian, East Indian, Russian and Salvadorean gangs here in Vancouver. And just to show just how multicultural we are, we even have a United Nations Gang in Vancouver with members representing a number of ethnic groups!

The big boys in Canada are the Mafia and the Hells Angels. In Vancouver its the Angels and the Big Circle Boys plus the United Nations gang, the Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers.

And what are we doing about it? Not a lot. What have we done about it over the last 50 years? Nothing really, because they are still here doing what they do, costing taxpayers money, and risking taxpayers lives in shootouts.

I used to watch KING, KOMO and KIRO 30 years ago and noted all the regular killings in Tacoma and marvelled that we did not have that kind of violence here. But now we do, big time.

Here's the thing, we live in a society where criminal law is based on the following tenets:

  1. Innocent until proven guilty
  2. Reasonable doubt
  3. Time served
  4. Good behavior
  5. Llife does not mean life
  6. No death penalty

That defines us as a kind and loving nation with equal and fair justice for all under the law. How's that working for us? Theoretically it works fairly well with most of our citizens. Where it falls down completely is with our outlaws.

Common knowledge is that the stripper industry in Vancouver is controlled by the Hells Angels. They also control pot distribution in BC. Now Johnny Appleseed and his wife, Moonbeam may be growing the stuff in their hydroponic green house by their Salt Spring Island geodesic dome home, but the Angels are the ones shipping it down east and over the border. Plus, for the last 30 years, rumour has it that the Angels also control the dockworkers union and the waterfront in Vancouver. Who knows if that is true? Surely, Ports Canada, the union and the politicians aren't going to admit to that. What I do know personally is that if you want a new flat screen TV that fell out of a container, you can get one without too much trouble.

We know that heroin in Nanaimo and on the island is a Vietnamese gang enterprise, and God knows what crimes all the other gangs commit aside from killing each other on a weekly basis which is plain enough to see, unless of course you don't see and get caught in the crossfire.

Do you think the Mafia only exists on HBO with the Sopranos since Gotti got jailed? Wrong. It is alive and well and running the construction industry in Montreal and at war with both rival mafiosi and the bikers in Montreal and Toronto. Seven murders in Montreal since Vito Rizzuto returned to the city from prison in the U.S.recently.

Listen, the cops know who everyone of these guys are. The organized crime teams across the country have wall sized bulletin boards with mugshots, surveillance photos, hierachy charts of every gang and gang member in the country. Now the Hells Angels and Banditos are easy, cause they wear their colours when they go on runs. And the Mafia guys in Toronto and Montreal are identifiable by their shiny suits that no one else has worn for 40 years. Joking aside. Every single gang member, associate member, hanger-on and girlfriend is known by the police.

And the cops work their asses off trying to nail these guys only to come up against pussy judges who let them off, put them back on the street and blame the politicians for having no political will to change the laws. The Americans have the Rico Act (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and it has been effective in devastating the New York crime families. We in Canada have a pale imitation of the Rico law which has not been effective in eliminating organized crime. is stating the obvious that we know who they are and we know what they do. Civil rights be damned I say.

Solution #1. Round them up take them out in a field, make them kneel down and give them the kind of justice they'd receive in China. Problem solved. Too bloodthirsty for you politically correct folks?

Listen, I have been opposed to the death penalty my whole life on all grounds; legally, humanly, spiritually and practically. But now I seriously question that given the Paul Bernardos, Clifford Olsons, Willy Pictons and all the gangsters who kill and injure innoncent citizens with their wildwest gunplay.

Solution #2. Okay, so here's another idea invented by our good friends the former Soviet Union. Canada is blessed with the best prison environment in the world; one requiring no walls, no guards and with complete safety for the public. It is called the Northwest Territories. What we need is our very own gulag, so far north and remote that the prisoners would have to walk a thousand miles to get away and would die trying from frigid cold in winter or swallowed up by muskeg and mosquitos in summer.

Fly them up there....dump them off....air drop food when needed and forget about them.

Here are some samples of letting the punishment fit the crime.

Death Penalty Life in Prison (Real Life) 25 Years in Prison
  • Cop killing
  • Serial killing
  • Contract killing
  • Rape killing
  • Sex with a child under 14
  • Possession of an illegal handgun or automatic weapon
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Using a gun in commission of a crime
  • Drunk driving causing death
    - 2nd conviction
  • Car theft - 5th conviction
  • Investment fraud over $100,000
  • Possession of child porn

If you consider both my solutions to be too extreme, and you also recognize that the way we presently deal with organized crime is not working, then obviously the solution is somewhere in the middle. In my opinion, what we need is a serious re-writing of the criminal code, so we are not castrating our police and so we can give our judges back their balls so these criminals can be eliminated....from society.

Maybe some of these changes would help:

  1. Life means life
  2. 25 years means 25 years
  3. No partial sentences, no good behavior
  4. Death penalty reinstated for serial killers, professional hitmen and child rapists

Just sayin'

Courtney Smith

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