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YVR RCMP Officer Skates Free

July 30, 2013
Without Prejudice
City Hall Constable Bill Bentley found not guilty of lying to Taser Inquiry

Const. Bill Bentley was one of four RCMP officers who confronted Robert Dziekanski before he was jolted with a Taser at Vancouver's airport.

Prosecutors tried to prove the collusion by relying on similarities in the four officers' notes and statements.

"It is impossible to say for certain that one of the four Mounties worked with his three colleagues to concoct a story about what happened that night," says a judge who found the officer not guilty of perjury Monday.

Yeah right. And pigs can fly...pun intended.

"Each of these cases is determined on its own specific facts," he said. "I don't want to speculate about what the effect of this decision may be other than to say that obviously the cases contain some interrelated facts."

He said the decision in one case won't necessarily determine what takes place in the other trials.

Yeah right. What are the Vegas odds on that 'cause I'll put my money on 3 more acquitals.

When the verdict was pronounced, Bentley bent over and cried into a tissue. Ah...poor guy. Relief at having his bullshit accepted by the court. Relief at having no residual consequences for his part in killing an innocent traveller at YVR. Bet he didn't cry for Dziekanski.

If I had a chance to talk to the judge I'd simply ask him, "how fucking stupid do you think the public is? Or are you so arrogant as to not give a shit about police responsibility for their actions, public be damned."

The Bottom Line

Commissioner Thomas Braidwood's final report concluded the officers used too much force and had no justification for using the Taser. But no blame, no foul, no penalities.

Now B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mark McEwan lets this dirtbag off an obvious perjury charge. Ridiculous.

And to Bill I would say, "Grow some balls, son. Man up and face the consequences of your actions rather than hide behind lies."

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith


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