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Monty Gets Off

Without Prejudice - July 27, 2012

Monte Robinson


Liar, Coward, Danger to Society. A disgraced former RCMP corporal in British Columbia will not spend any time behind bars. WTF!

A B.C. Supreme Court judge in New Westminster, B.C., has sentenced Monty Robinson to a 12 month conditional term -- one month to be served at home and the rest of the term to be supervised by a probation officer.

The 42-year-old was convicted last March of obstruction of justice for trying to block a potential impaired driving investigation after he hit and killed 21-year-old motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson in the Vancouver suburb of Delta.The judge also ordered Robinson to write an apology to the family of Orion Hutchinson, who was killed in the crash, and pay a $1,000 fine to Victim Services.

You'd think the son of a bitch would have apologized to the family a long time ago.

Robinson admitted to the October 2008 crash but said he left the scene to gulp two quick shots of vodka at his nearby home before returning to speak to police.

The judge found Robinson used his RCMP training to hide the fact that he had consumed five beer shortly before the collision. AND he perjured himself. Robinson also lied to Delta police officers who came to the crash scene, understating how much he had been drinking at a party just before the crash, the judge ruled.

Robinson was discharged from the Mounties last week, but still faces perjury charges stemming from testimony he and three other Mounties gave about the October 2007 death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, who was repeatedly stunned by a Taser at Vancouver's airport.

On the news last week his defence attorney argued that he should be treated lightly because he still was a member of the Osoyoos First Nations band. Fuck that. He's and RCMP officer. He forsook reservation life and all the goes with it to work and live in the wider community. He should be treated as such...but it looks like he got the slap on the wrist. Lost his job? Oh boo hoo, the guy is an alcoholic lying dirtbag, of course he should lose a job wielding power and a gun over the rest of us.

How in God's name can any judge not see that this guy belongs behind bars.I'm mean seriously, has this unnamed Supreme Court Judge lost his or her fucking mind?

This man killed two human beings and then perjured himself and obstructed justice in both cases.
So who is this unnamed judge and what the fuck is wrong with you?

Judge Janice Dillon

UPDATE: Here Come De Judge!

Judge Janice Dillon Lets Monty Fly Like an Eagle
Aug 5, 2012

How many martini's did Judge Dillon have while deliberating?

Seriously, has this woman got rocks in her head? How the fuck is the public who pay her damn salary, benefits and gold plated pension supposed to trust the judicial system and cops when judges like this let criminals like Monty Robinson walk?

Judge Janice Dillon of the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that drinking the vodka was a deliberate act to mislead the crash investigation, noting the veteran’s extensive RCMP training taught him that drinking booze afterward could potentially mask the alcohol he drank earlier in the night.
At his sentencing, Judge Dillon said the man’s conduct causes one to lose faith in the “protect and serve” police mantra, particularly as he has showed no remorse for the offence or acknowledged any guilt.

So far so good.

However, Robinson’s status as a first-time offender and his First Nations heritage were factors in Dillon’s decision. She noted that imprisonment would also require protective custody, because he is a police officer. Tough shit.

Prosecutors had asked for a sentence of between three and nine months in jail, or a conditional sentence of up to 18 months. Robinson’s lawyer asked for a conditional sentence of three to six months. The maximum penalty for the offence is 10 years in prison.

The fucker should have received 5 years in jail. Period. First time offender my ass. He was a COP sworn to uphold the law which he deliberately subverted. I've already dealt with the First Nations issue above.

Family members of victim Orion Hutchinson were not happy with the decision. No shit. Nor should they be.

“That sentence just felt like he’s being grounded,” Mr. Hutchinson’s mother, Judith, said outside the New Westminster courthouse. “It doesn’t feel like a sentence to me, it feels like that’s not enough.”

Judge Janice Dillon should be fired from the bench and given a nice job selling Smokies at English Bay.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

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