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Cops Gone Wild

Here's a couple of great examples

Without Prejudice

Jeff Klassen

New West officer Avoids Prison
Jeff Klassen
New Westminster cop,
Jeff Klassen gets conditional
discharge and year's probation

A New Westminster police officer convicted of assaulting a newspaper carrier in a drunken attack with two other off-duty officers avoided a jail sentence in B.C. Provincial Court in Vancouver on Friday.

Const. Jeffrey Klassen, 40, who was convicted this spring of assaulting Firoz Khan, 49, outside a downtown hotel in the early hours of Jan. 21, 2009, was granted a conditional discharge and a year's probation.

Klassen stood during sentencing with his legs apart and his hands behind his back and made no comment in court. Khan sat quietly in the public gallery with his wife during the sentencing and showed no reaction.

Outside court, Khan said, "I just want to leave everything behind and just focus ahead. We have a justice system and we trust in it and we will just go with the flow."

Khan earlier this year filed a civil suit against the officer, who has been suspended without pay and also faces a disciplinary hearing with the New Westminster Police Service. It has yet to be heard in court.

Crown Prosecutor Ellen Leno had asked the court to jail the officer for one to two months. Klassen's lawyer, Dwight Stewart, had argued for an absolute discharge.

Klassen was also ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Judge Jody Werier said he might find it "onerous" to complete that service if he finds full-time work, but she added, "that is my intention."

The judge said a conditional discharge would act as a sufficient denunciation of the crime and deterrence for Klassen and other officers.

She noted the assault wasn't malicious, as Klassen was drunk and acting under the mistaken belief that his friend was being assaulted.

"He made an acutely inappropriate decision to intervene," she said, calling the assault isolated and not premeditated.

She also said Klassen had no record, had endured death threats during the trial and threats against him in public since the assault, has suffered financial consequences, intense media attention and was forced to move from his apartment, all of which has had an effect on his visits with his young children from his failed marriage.

She also noted he has entered into counselling and treatment and had apologized to his victim in court, during which he took frequent breaks to control his emotions.

"I believe Mr. Klassen made a sincere and heartfelt apology," she said.

The night of the assault, Klassen and two other off-duty officers, West Vancouver police Const. Griffin Gillan and Delta police Const. Blair Tanino, had been bar-hopping all evening and Gillan ended up at the Hyatt Hotel, where he assaulted Khan in an unprovoked attack.

Klassen and Tanino arrived in a cab after Gillan called to them for help and an intoxicated Klassen also assaulted Khan, who suffered a concussion, chipped tooth and bruising, and hasn't been able to return to work.

Gillan was given a conditional sentence after pleading guilty in July 2009. Tanino wasn't charged.

Geoff Mantler

Another RCMP Danger to Society Geoff Mantler
Kelowna RCMP officer Geoff Mantler charged with two counts of assault.

Charges have come down against the police officer involved in the Buddy Tavares incident.  Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Hourihan says Cst. Geoff Mantler faces multiple counts.  "The two charges of Assault Causing Bodily Harm have been sworn against Constable Mantler," says Hourihan, "these charges stem from two seperate incidents," he says. 

Hourihan explains the other incident happened on August 31 of last year, but authorities won't release any more details.  BC's top cop admits Mantler's actions are a "bit of a black eye" for the RCMP.  "This type of behaviour, if substantiated, is extremely concerning for me," says Hourihan, "its disappointing, at a very minimum.  Its behavior that falls well short of any expectations that I or any of our officers or (RCMP) members have in that regard," he says.

Hourihan adds additional charges could be coming after another investigation into Mantler's conduct.  He's accused of punching a man on the Bennett Bridge on August 10th.  Police say they were not informed of the alleged incident on the Bridge until after the Tavares incident in January.  Constable Mantler has been suspended with pay since the days following January 7th.

Of course Mantler is on suspension WITH pay and we all know a slap on the wrist is what he'll get in the end.

When will police forces start screening their applicants for behavior traits, attitude and bullying backgrounds? This asshole should NOT be in law enforcement, hell he shouldn't even be allowed to be a bouncer at a nightclub. I'll bet that within one year of leaving the force, he'll be in trouble with the law.

Geoff Mantler Sentencing:

A suspended sentence and 18 months probation by a judge.
What can you say....another one skates free.


Monty Robinson

Liar, Coward, Danger to Society Monte Robinson
RCMP officer Monty Robinson
charged with drunk driving death of Orion Hutchinson, was also involved
in famed BC airport taser death

Monty Robinson (pictured above | Global News photo) facing charges of impaired driving causing death in Delta, BC is refusing to comment on the charges against him.

It's inexcusable when an ordinary citizen drinks and drives, but a police officer? It's deplorable.

Robinson, was transported to Delta police headquarters where, according to Delta police, he failed a breathalyser test.

At first this clown refused to comment on the charges against him, but now he has changed his tune and offered that he was so upset about the accident that he went home and had 2 quick hard drinks which is why he was intoxicated after, but not before, the accident.

Yeah, right....hands up if you believe Monte? Evidently cops have known about this dodge for years.

But take heart, the prosecutors will believe you Monte and so will the judge and you'll be off faster than a Canuck on a breakaway..

Because that's how our system works.

Were I the judge, Mr. Robinson would get 5 years in prison, loss of his job OR 5 years in the armed forces on the front line.

Jury selection starts in Robinson trial

Impaired charges never laid

Benjamin "Monty" Robinson is accused of obstructing justice. In October of 2008, the off-duty corporal's jeep crashed into a motorcycle driven by 21-year-old Orion Hutchinson.

Robinson is accused of leaving the scene and returning minutes later to tell investigators he drank two shots of vodka at his home.

Charges of impaired driving were never laid because prosecutors said they couldn't prove Robinson had been drinking before the crash.

Why wasn't he charged with leaving the scene of an accident? The well-known alibi for drunk cops should see him guilty on the obstruction charge.

We shall soon see. I bet he skates free.

Robinson Testifies

Feb 21, 2012

"Monty" Robinson took the stand and made every excuse possible to avoid conviction for obstruction.

He claims he's an alcoholic, yet he's not a member of AA, and his superiors didn't know this. If they did he'd have no business being on the job wielding a gun.

He claims he's suffering from clinical depression, but he's not being treated for it. And again, if this were true his superiors should have benched him.

Mr. Robinson is doing everything he can except man up and face the consequences of his action. Pretty amazing that a tough guy cop takes the chickenshit way out of dealing with the fact that he's been involved in the wrongfull deaths of two human beings.

Standby for the verdict.

Robinson Guilty

March 22, 2012

The RCMP is seeking to dismiss a Mountie after a judge ruled Friday the officer was wilful and deliberate in his attempt to cover up his actions in connection to the death of a young motorcyclist.

Cpl. Monty Robinson's cool and calm behaviour did not square with the veteran's claim he unthinkingly gulped vodka to soothe his nerves following the October 2008 accident, the B.C. Supreme Court judge said in ruling him guilty of obstructing justice.

Judge Janice Dillon said Robinson was well-trained in the measures that could skew a drunk driving investigation and he executed those steps when he found himself amidst the wreck.

She found no credibility in the defence case that Robinson had developed a dependency on alcohol as a result of traumatic incidents on the job, including the Dziekanski incident a year earlier.

Hallelujah! Now for the sentencing.

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