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The Coronation of Christy Clark

The Election - Shock and Shame

May 17, 2013 - Without Prejudice


High Highness Well that election sure didn't pan out the way everyone thought it would and the way I had hoped it would. I had said that if she'd lost she'd blame everyone and everything but herself.

So the reverse is now true. She will take credit and be granted credit by a stunned media for her upset comeback win.

How did this brilliant woman achieve this? By exhibiting every single negative behavior a politician can do to gain what they want. She is without a doubt the most profoundly dishonest woman ever to run for politics. She even makes Joy McPhail pale in comparison...and making that's doing something. I digress.
How did she accomplish this amazing feat?

  • She parachuted into a "safe" electoral district for a byelection. - She sure doesn't LIVE in Point Grey/Kitsilano.

  • She virtually shut down the legislature for the better part of the last 2 years - to avoid dealing with the issues.

  • She waited two years to call the election - Anyone with integrity would have called an election within 3 months to get the mandate from the people.

  • She spent $64 million of our money on TV ads - promoting her government including $15 million on Jobs BC that didn't work.

  • She avoided any "all candidates" meetings in her constituency. - Because she's basically afraid of the people

  • She attacked Dix for a 20 year old fraudulent act. - But still refuses to talk a bout the BC Rail/Basi Virk deal

  • She created a false budget - Making her government look good.

  • She attacked Dix for being a weak leader with a weak economical plan. - How does she know that? Her economic plan is as fraudulent as her budget.

The list goes on and on. For a woman who speaks about "families" so much, these are the kind of values she's exhibiting. She doesn't give a shit about the people of BC, she simply wants the power to give her the self esteem she lacks and is overcompensating for. What a godawful exampl for her own son.

So, Christy Clark did not WIN the election, Adrian Dix LOST the election. He tried to play nice, showing himself to be naive. We as Canadians and BCers have been lied to so much by the Bill Vander Zalms, Glen Clarks, Gordon Campbells that we have become so cynical that we expect and reward people like Christy Clark.

It took a lot for me to vote for Dix....just to get rid of Clark. I resented having to do it. Just once in the remainder of my life I'd like to vote for a worthy politician.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

P.S. If it is naive to expect honesty of our politicians then democracy is truely broken.

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