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Oh Boy A Provincial Election Comin' Right Up

May 14th we can once again pretend to have a voice in our government

January 20, 2013 - Without Prejudice



Christy Clark is a life support system for her own ego

I wonder why she is so insecure and so lacking in self-respect and love in her life to so relentlessly seek approval by holding office. She's the Sally Field of BC politics without the talent. She's the Sarah Palin of British Columbia.

She's not dumb but she's dishonest and devious. Listen, Christy Clark is an ego-maniacal douche bag who doesn't give a shit about the people of B.C. She is an unelected Premier who is going to be dumped in the next election and the polls show it and she knows it.

This cherubic little chipmunk with the big boobs and slight lisp is everything the public does NOT need in government. The shit comes out of her mouth without hesitation as she says, thinks and does anything she believes will help keep her in office. As with all true narcissists, she thinks she is smarter than everyone else and believes that all of us love and believe in her or are too stupid to figure her out. She depends on it.

1 in 7 children in this province go to bed hungry and this churlish bitch spends $64 million on advertising, $15 million on her BC Jobs "aren't we doing great" program. And she SAYS she stands for families.

The Choice

But herein lies the problem. Once again the people of BC will vote to GET RID of a party and its leader rather than vote FOR a party and its leader. And given the eternal polarized nature of BC politics we are torn between, Christy Clark and Adrian Dix.

The Negative Ads

The negative ads have already started. Christy is going after Adrian Dix for his little fraudulent counterfeiting of a document to support another asshole, pseudo socialist and disgraced former Premier, Glen Clark.
The Choice
Dix swears he'll take the high road with no negative ads, but really, when did the NDP and its union backers ever produce an ad that wasn't an attack ad. And folks, even though this document falsification occurred 20 years ago, how can you trust a guy who does something like that? He was an intelligent adult, not a kid in elementary school. You either walk in intregrity or not.

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This week's bullshit - Christy Does Bollywood

So in a transparently blatant attempt to woo East Indian voters, Christy is going to spend $12 million of our money to bring a second rate “specially created awards” Times of India Film Awards Show to Vancouver. This is not even the REAL Indian Oscars that happen in June.

She tells us the economic payback will be a huge high budget Bollywood movie to be made hear using out industry people. Folks, a high budget Bollywood film is $500k, enough to cover coffee and donuts for a high budget American movie here which would spend $5 million to $50 million.

And shes doing this at the same time as denying tax breaks to American productions to film here to match Ontario's incentives. Our industry is now moribund thanks to the Liberals. Ain't she just a peach?

John Doyle
John Doyle

Lasts week's bullshit - Christy Dumps The Government Auditor

Auditor General John Doyle was unceremoniously canned by not having his contract renewed 2 years BEFORE it was due to be renewed for another term. What?

The upshot is that the single most important watchdog has been dumped, with no explanation to the taxpayers who pick up his salary and rely on his oversight. The premier’s office said it had nothing to do with directing the decision. The chair of the committee, Liberal MLA Eric Foster, said “we were not given any marching orders at all” and they made up their own minds. But asked why such a controversial decision was made at such a sensitive time, everybody clammed up. Perhaps because Doyle questioned the $6 million taxpayers had to shell out for defence attorneys for the convicted assholes, Basi and Virk?

And when it started to look really smarmy, Christy did a quick flip flop: Change the term of the auditor-general's appointment from six years to eight years, and "invite" Doyle to stick around for two more years, instead of kicking him to the gutter right before an election. Nice try girl.

Christy promised us transparent government, and on this she speaks the truth. She is clearly transparently using our tax money to satisfy her burning rectal itch to wield power at all costs..

The Polygraph Challenge

So here's the deal. I'll pay the $1500 for Christy to take a polygraph test. If she passes without ANY lies being told I will donate $1,000 to her favourite charity.

If she fails even ONE question she must leave politics, never run again for any public office and not work on air on any radio or TV show OR she can do what she wants if she moves to another province thereby relieving BC of her noxious presence.


Have I been too harsh on Christy? Is my attack personal, rude or sexist? You bet. Check out Bill Maher, Jon Stewart or the late George Carlin, my heros. I'm certainly not as smart, clever or funny as them, but I admire and emulate their straightforward no-bullshit commentary.

So here I am, once again with an agonizing choice. Do I vote NDP to get rid of Christy and the corrupt, lying Liberals like I voted for Gordon Campbell to get rid of Glen Clark? Or as I voted for Mike Harcourt to get rid of Willie Woodenshoes? I haven't voted FOR someone since Pierre Trudeau in 1967. Every other election, civic, provincial or federal, I've either voted to get rid of the incumbent, or I simply destroyed the ballot. I think that's a pretty sad state of affairs..

My solution is simply to have every ballot have a "None of the Above" box and if it gets the most votes, all the other candidates must resign from the race to be replaced but others who may have enough integrity to gain the votes to win. And you KNOW that ain't gonna happen 'cause it makes them all look like the idiots they are.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

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