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Christy Bellys Up to the Bar

Our Premier uses OUR credit card to wine and dine her minions.

August 5, 2012 - Without Prejudice


The province’s final books for the last fiscal year show the B.C. premier’s office put $475,015 on credit cards, more than twice what Clark’s predecessor Gordon Campbell racked up. The dishonourable Ms. Clark's prime minion says there are valid reasons for her extravagances.

The credit card bills include meals in some of Vancouver and Victoria’s most posh restaurants like Bishops in Vancouver where she spent $2,279 and at Victoria’s Ferris Oyster Bar, where the tab was $3,267.

The credit card statements also detail flights and lists other odd bits such as $433 spent at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

“These are all audited; these are a part of the public accounts,” said Morton. He explained that she conducted two trips to Asia, including one that was the biggest in the province’s history, and hosted two important premier’s conferences.

He pointed out that the credit card bills are “a totally separate matter” from the auditor general’s review of spending by legislature members. Yeah...what's your point Mike? Both issues are an insult to British Columbians and a misuse of our money.

And if you think this is only a Liberal thing, I can remember seeing Darlene Marzari, that sweet soft spoken NDP witch dropping big bucks in a posh Vancouver restaurant on a bunch of her buddies. Course I don't know if she was using her government credit card....I was just shocked to see a so-called Socialist knocking back the Chablis with her steak tartar instead of fish and chips on Denman Street.

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Listen, Christy Clark is an ego-maniacal douche who doesn't give a shit about the people of B.C. She is an unelected Premier who is going to be dumped in the next election and the polls show it.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

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