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Christy Clark

One might think Christy Clark is a hypocrite, phony, pretender, prevaricator, propagandist,
mistress to the tall tale, weaver of the falsehood and spinner of the untruth. Just sayin'!

Jan 15, 2011 - Without Prejudice

How so?

  1. Christy tells us now that she had no knowledge or involvement in the Basi Virk BC Rail scandal.

    But in fact, she was Deputy Premier at the time, and a good friend of these two clowns, whom she went so far as to entertain in her own home.

  2. Christy told us she left politics 4 years ago to be a mother to her son.

    And yet, now she has returned to politics presumably having given her son all the mothering he needs. Must be rough on the young guy given Christy is now a single mom. Love to know the story on the breakup..

  3. Christy told us that under no circumstances would she offer a reduced HST rate to get the people of BC to retain the tax.

    And yet that is exactly what she did.

  4. Christy told us that she would be calling an election as soon as possible to validate herself as elected leader of BC.

    Now the election has been put off until the end of 2013, presumably because her popularity is in a freefall.
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Listen, as host of her own talk show on NW until recently, Christy couldn't keep to a position for more than a few days. She constantly did 180 degree turns, and scoffed at the idea that she ever thought anything different that what she espoused at any particular time.

Joy in Clarksville
Joy McPhail and Christy Together!

Even with Ms. McPhail looking a little under the weather, the dynamic duo of BS can still share a glass and have a laugh at the obsurdity of their positions. Add Hedy Fry and you would have a trifecta of bullshit.

Ya gotta love Joy McPhail, the NDP troll who's main contribution to the public debate was making a plastic wind-up penis bounce across a colleague's desk.

As she herself once said, "I take full responsibility for my part in the Fast Ferry scandal." Oh really, how exactly did she do this? By sacrificing her pension? I don't think so. By staying on to fight the good socialist fight?

Nope. Ms. McFail ran off with a zillionaire Hollywood producer. But hey, the pension will pay for her bar bill.

For the second time Christy parachuted into a constituency to get herself elected to a seat in the Legislature. This time in the relatively safe Point Grey riding vacated by Gordo. And did she come out to meet her people? Hell no. She drove around the neighbourhood in her branded bus and waved to the peasantry. She reminds me of Sally Field at the Oscars, "you love me, you really love me," except that she looks more like one of the Chipmunks.

Finally, I find it absolutely astounding that a person of integrity would allow themselves to be declared Premier or Prime Minister and not immediately call an election. Democracy is based on the will of the people and Christy Clark does not represent the will of the people until elected. Put your ovaries on the line, Christy, call an election and see if you deserve the job.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith


March 17, 2012

The recent radio ads attacking the NDP's Adrian Dix are disgusting and Christy Clark should be ashamed of herself. The public is well aware of Mr. Dix's fraudulent letter scandal and doesn't need Ms. Clark reminding us. And her behavior in the legislature attacking Dix in a passive aggressive manner was immature, unprofessional and unstatesmanlike. Considering her lies listed above she should be the last one throwing stones at glass houses. She's obviously terrified of losing the next election to be authorizing these hypocritical ads.

Just sayin'

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