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Catholics Come Home

Desperate Times for the Church

January 28, 2013
Without Prejudice
Catholics Come Home Listen, I'm glad I live in a nation that respects the right to worship as we choose. Personally I don't care if you believe in God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Krishna, Buddha or the Big Kahuna. But I have a real disgust with all organized religions, and particularly the mother of them all, the Roman Catholic Church.

Get out the pitchforks and torches folks, because here begins my diatribe. To start with, and in opposition to what the Catholics say, Jesus did NOT begin the Church, Peter did with a hand from Paul. Jesus was an itinerent Rabbi who walked the earth preaching his Truth and healing and ministering to the people. He did not tell anyone to build huge edifices in his or God's name. He did not instruct anyone to create a hierachy of priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes who would wear clown outfits made of ridiculously expensive materials sewn by impoverished seamstresses in Algeria.
A few theological comments in no particular order:
  • The Pope is NOT divine, he is politically elected by the cardinals.
  • The church created the concept that Jesus was both God and the Son of God and the idea of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Church created the concept of original sin. WTF is that?
  • The Church compiled the Bible selectively by adding, deleting, omitting and rewriting the Gospels to suit its agenda which was simply to preserve its power. The Bible as we know it is an adulteration of the words of God, Jesus, Moses and the Apostles
  • The numero uno sin of the church included telling people they could not talk to God without going through them, which is kinda like a Mafia protection racket.
  • They also created the Virgin Mary as an idol while negating the feminine Goddess concept that existed in the time of Jesus by his own people. And they have been denigrating women ever since.

Now a brief review of history:

  • The Synod of Nicea - 325 AD - the Church conference where all the bullshit was created
  • The Crusades - 1095 - 1291 AD - that great Christian genocidal attempt to rid the Holy Land of the other two religions, Islam & Judaism which included the slaughter of a whole bunch of Armenian Christians just cause they looked like muslims. And who can forget the Children's Crusade, (1212 AD) where the Church sent off kids to battle
  • Conducted a brutal genocidal war on all pagans, other religions including the Cathars and the Waldenses
  • The Inquisition - 1200 - 1500 AD - That fun period where anyone the Church didn't like including Jews, heretics and those who were not Catholic was tortured, burned, hung or otherwise made dead
  • The forced conversion of indigenous peoples worldwide, including both cultural and actual genocide - 1500 AD - 1960 AD
  • Residential schools - 1900 onward - physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse of First Nations children
  • Collaborating with the Nazis - 1939 -1945 AD - keeping silent about the persecution of the Jews, gypies and homosexuals in exchange for the protection of priests
  • The Rat Lines - 1945 - Nazi war criminals like Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Heinrich Mueller, Franz Stangl, Martin Borman, Dr. Mengele and a whole list of other war criminals escaped war torn Europe via the Catholic Church
  • Collusion with the Mafia - La Cosa Nostra could not exist if the Church excommunicated the wise guys
  • Banking scandals - Corruption in the Vatican - How is that God's work?
  • IRA - The Church made no attempt to rein in the IRA during the Irish religious troubles.

And to this day:

  • Homophobia - preaching against same sex marriages and rights and the right of gays to be ordained
  • Protecting sex-offending priests against child victims
  • Spending church money to defend pedophile priests rather than compensate victims
  • Anti-female positions on abortion and birth control
  • Excommunicating doctors and nurses for performing life saving abortions
  • Lying about contraceptives to poor Africans using them to prevent AIDS
  • Chastising front line nuns for not practicing the party line when dealing with real world issues
  • Continues to accumulate incredible wealth and maintains a huge store of art, gold, silver, property & businesses in a world where millions go hungry.
  • Maintains meticulous archived records including secret ones since the beginnings of the Church outlining all its nefarious acts and documents it suppresses that are in opposition to Catholic theology and doctrine.

The Catholics Come Home ad campaign says that the Church is the largest charity organization in the world and the largest hospital system in the world. That is probably true, but how charitable is it to offer conditional aid as in, join the church, mind your "p's" and "q's" and we'll help you. And don't forget that every impoverished Catholic peasant worldwide is tithed to pay for the limos for the cardinals.

I do understand why the ad campaign is running. In Canada and the U.S. attendance at mainline churches is down drastically. The established religions are not providing for the spiritual needs of young people today. They are out of tune and out of time. The only religions that are growing in a huge way are the fundamentalist Protestant churches. And they are as frightening as the Catholics. Religion is business and with the downturn in attendance there is a corresponding decrease in income coupled with higher real estate values making land for new churches too costly. I digress.

All you need to know to lead a moral, upright, human and socially responsible life is the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments. All the rest is bullshit.

To summarize, although I support anyone who has particular religious convictions, including Catholics, it is absolutely beyond me how any intelligent, right thinking person can believe and support this travisty of everything Jesus said and stood for. The Church has created a false religion based on a concocted Bible and brutal un-Christian ways in growing and preseving the power of the Church.

So if you're planning on returning to the Catholic Church, best to leave your toddlers at home, they'd be safer that way.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

NOTE: This is a brief overview of a much longer, more comprehensive essay I am working on called, "Holy Moly - The Business and Politics of Religion" which will also include material on Islam and Judaism.