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The Liberals versus Telus Pissing Match

My two favourite people, the disHonourable Christy Clark shuts down
big shot Derrin Entwhistle who responds in true sandbox fashion.

March 9, 2012 - Without Prejudice
BC Place
I just love it! It all began with Telus and the BC Liberals negotiating for the naming rights to BC Place. Telus offered $40 million big ones to rename the renovated stadium in it's illustrious image.

But wait! Then some idiot in government granted the Whitecaps the right to name the dome Bell Pitch for its soccer season, Bell being a direct competitor to Telus.

Meanwhile back at the phone company, Telus spent an untold fortune designing and building huge signage with which to brand the stadium.

Now any half-wit would know that you don't spend money on signage without the deal signed, sealed and delivered.

But spending marketing money has never been a big problem for Entwhistle & Associates. One needs to watch TV to see countless cute ads with animals prancing to classic rock songs. These ads are NOT cheap, believe me having made plenty of spots myself. First off, the rights to each of those songs is $10,000 minimum per province per year if you record the song with your own people. Double that if you use the original artist's version.

No, the only thing Telus has problems spending money on is customer service, inter-departmental communications, and giving value for the customer's buck. Hell they are spending $3 billion on new headquarters downtown and in Kamloops, fiber-optik and wireless infrastructure and $10 million to make BC Place the first digital sports stadium in Canada. Oops!.

Conspicously absent from the press conference announcing this investment in BC was her nibs, Christy Clark. The NDP's Adrian Dix was there, but Darren is pissed at Christy for not allowing the Telus naming rights deal to complete. Telus CEO, Darren Entwhistle was heard to say, "Geez, all that foreplay and no climax."

On Christy's side one can only say, "What kind of idiots are you people?" Really, you don't lead someone on like that and then dump them like yesterdays leftover KFC. And $40 million is a nice chunk of change which the province could sorely use. To say that the name BC Place is iconic, puleeese. To say that the name should remain BC Place because the people of BC paid to have it built and then renovated., puleeese. We've also paid for 4 Fast Ferries and one Olympic Village, neither of which offered naming rights.

This whole episode is so fraught with incompetence and immaturity on both sides it's ridiculous.

Courtney Smith

UPDATE - March 14

So we now have three reasons from the Government for this debacle.



The initial one was the "iconic" name of BC Place being sacrosanct so the Liberals couldn't rebrand the stadium. If this was true why did they even open the discussion with Telus? Why did they present Telus with a brochure with a rendering of the Telus logo on BC Place?



The Telus sign was bigger than what they negotiated. Pfft. Nice try.The Telus design was actually better and more local with the dogwood that the Liberal design.
3. The amount of money was deemed not a good enough deal for the people of BC.

And what does Christy Clark or the Minister of Finance know about marketing and sponsorship naming prices?
4. Now they are blaming the intimidating style of Telus CEO Darren Entwhistle. Geez....our politicians aren't tough enough to do a deal with a BC company because the CEO scares them? Come on.

Listen; any cop will tell you when a suspect changes his story three or four times, he's obviously lying. The people of B.C. are not so stupid as to believe that the Liberals aren't bullshitting on this one. BC Liberals - The Lyin' Kings!

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