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Bank Robbers


First Wall Street robs us now the Bankers are at it

Without Prejudice - July 28, 2010

HSBC Launders Al Queda and Cartel Money - WHAT!

Barclays Fixes the Libor Interest Rate - WHAT!


HSBC let drug gangs launder millions: Britain's biggest bank is shamed - and faces a £640million fine

  • HSBC moved huge sums from Mexico into the U.S. between 2007 and 2008
  • Provided services for Saudi Arabia's Al Rajhi Bank linked to financing terrorism
  • Senate investigation suggests they also moved money tied to Iran
  • Accuses bank of 'pervasively polluted' culture
  • Another hammer blow to the credibility of British banking system after Barclays was fined for allegedly rigging LIBOR interest rate

Britain's biggest bank allowed rogue states and drugs cartels to launder billions of pounds through its branches.

HSBC stands accused of fostering such a ‘polluted’ culture it became a conduit for criminal enterprises.

A top executive at the bank sensationally quit yesterday in front of a US Senate hearing that exposed the scale of the scandal.

David Bagley and Paul Thurston

These are the two assholes responsible. Warned repeatedly by U.S. officials, London-based banker David Bagley, head of HSBC’s compliance division, which is meant to prevent breaches of the law, quit in front of the Senate committee. He had been with the bank for 20 years.

He should have fucking killed himself but his verbal response to the investigating committee was, "We didn't perform up to our expectations!" Can you believe the arrogant gall?


Barclays board begins fight to claw back Bob Diamond's £22.9m share package as it's revealed Mervyn King 'gave him final push'
  • Memo from Barclays implies Bank of England knew about Libor-rigging scam
  • Bank of England governor and Financial Services Authority put pressure on bank to force the chief-executive out, it is claimed
  • Mr Diamond to appear before Treasury Select Committee tomorrow
  • Barclays banker Jerry del Missier ordered staff to lower the Libor rate after misunderstanding instructions from Mr Diamond
  • Barclays chairman Marcus Agius says he has known about Libor fixing for the last TWO years
  • Mr Agius says Mr Diamond, 60, resigned after 'something snapped' last night
  • Mr del Missier, the chief operating officer, also resigns from bank
  • Shareholders will attempt to claw back 13.2million shares owned by Mr Diamond - leaving him with 'just' a year's salary worth £1.35m
  • Barclays share price falls 0.8% today following developments to 167p
  • MPs will vote tomorrow on plans to set up a full judge-led inquiry into the bank rate-rigging scandal
Bob Diamond and Jerry del Missier

And these are the two cocksuckers who rigged the Libor interest rate thereby affecting the rate that all banks borrow from each other.

Following a day of remarkable developments, Barclays tonight released a bombshell internal email from Mr Diamond implied the Bank of England was are of Libor-fixing going on. So in true executive fashion, rather than take resonsibility, they try to blame everyone else.

So what has this got to do with you and I? Everything. Same as the stock market crash/scandal of 2008 which almost brought the world finincial system crashing down. The banks were in bed with Wall Street on that one and now it turns out they are involved in their own nefarious businesses as well.

Folks, just like there are two Stock Markets; the Equity one grandma buys here blue chip stock on, and the Players one where gamblers play high risk stocks, there are also two banking systems, the Savings and Loan business where you and I bank, and the Investment Bank business where the insiders bet each other over bank rates.

THE RUB is that just like the Players Stock Market can kill your stock savings, so can the Investment Banking Business kill your savings and loans. Ah but this is Canada, not Britain or the U.S. Well if you bank at BMO, know that Bill Downe, CEO lost $680 million playing the commodities market and how do you think that affected your mortgage rate, and service charges?

Just my opinion

Courtney Smith