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Truth & Consequences

January 26, 2015
Responsibilit If you were raised as I was, you were told that there were consequences for our actions; the karmic principle of what goes around comes around. That if you violated the rules, there was a price to pay.
If you broke the laws you were punished according to the law.

But the reality is, and always has been, that the rich and powerful, unlike the masses, do not always have to answer for their misdeeds; nothing new in that.

What is new at this time is that when in trouble, the big shots and corporations lawyer up and spin the shit out of their felonies or misdemeanors via PR and the media and ultimately skate free or at worst, get a slap on the wrist.

Ergo, zero personal or corporate responsibilities for their actions.

Remorse, Forgiveness and Rehabilitation

It’s funny how our court system, judges, prosecutors and juries go easier on those who show remorse for their crimes. It reflects that we as people expect to see regret, shame and repentance before we can forgive. However all this goes out the window when the criminal is a corporation, or big shot.

In that case, they usually pay a fine, invariably an inconsequential one, and make it very clear that they are admitting to no wrongdoing or liability beyond paying the fine. This could be a company befouling a river, a doctor who killed off a bunch of patients through incompetence, a cop who killed an unarmed innocent civilian; it’s always the same. Guilty, but not really. No remorse. No forgiveness or rehabilitation needed. Monsanto, Enron, Citi Bank, HSBC, J.P. Morgan Chase come to mind.


Richard Nixon
Surely the most famous miscreant in our time, a man who lacked any sense of responsibility, has to be Tricky Dick. This egotistical douche bag began his not so illustrious political career back in the fifties by supporting McCarthy’s witch hunt of imaginary Commies with the HUAC committee. Nixon gleefully joined in ruining the careers of countless people in this exercise in fear-mongering absurdity. His partner in crime was one Roy Cohn, a homophobic, anti-Semitic, closeted gay Jew who eventually died of AIDS. We are known by the company we keep.

President Nixon presided over the Watergate Scandal which caused his demise and proved that yes, indeed, he was a crook. Resigning was a consequence and penalty, but it was not voluntary. And if it is not voluntary, then it is not taking responsibility. Nixon was forced to quit or he would have been impeached. Everything Nixon did in his life was for Dick.

And then President Ford pardoned Nixon giving the reason that it was necessary to preserve the sanctity and respect for the office of President. It would seem to me that that horse left the barn when Nixon disrespected his own office. This was a puny man with delusions of grandeur, a narcissistic ego without a shred of remorse. And his eventual rehabilitation and inclusion in diplomatic missions to China meant that really, he was forgiven, and didn’t have to die in shame as he should have done.

J. Edgar Hoover
The creator of, and lifelong head of the FBI was really a piece of work. This clown was a narcissistic poser who never once apprehended a felon in his life. In the thirties and forties, he would have a bad guy cornered by his agents, and then run in to make it look like he made the arrest for the press photographers.

Given his complete lack of success jailing the five gangster families of New York, he conveniently denied the Mafia even existed. It was only after he died, and the Rico Act did guys like Rudy Giulianicome down hard on the wise guys. Bye bye John Gotti.

Hoover did however spy on all kinds of American citizens HE suspected of being commies, and later, people he just didn’t like, like Martin Luther King and John Kennedy and people who stood up to him, like Bobby Kennedy.
All this spying on citizens was illegal. He hated blacks, Jews, Catholics and gays, which was odd considering his long time sexually ambiguous relationship with his deputy director, Clyde Tolson.

And did this man ever take responsibility for his failures or worse, his crimes? Did he ever express remorse? And yet his name is emblazoned on the FBI headquarters. This man’s lone accomplishment, the establishment of the F.B.I. was buried in a dump of his criminal acts.

Crime and Punishment - or Not

O.J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson
Was there ever anyone who skated free easier than O.J.? Everyone in the friggin universe knows The Juice whacked his wife, Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman. But here’s the irony. As a big shot, and as an All American Hero, he had to get off. The public wouldn’t accept it. Further, and an even greater reason, O.J. was a black hero, and if he was convicted there is no telling what would happen. So, the in denial, unrepentant Mr. Simpson got a Get Out of Jail Free Card big time. The irony is, that rarely if ever does a black guy get off having killed a white person, let alone a white woman. Back handed justice in a way.

Anyway, karma came back and bit him in the ass with his conviction for armed robbery, kidnapping. Nine years is hardly justice for killing two people.

Oscar Pistrious
So Oscar gets 5 years for the murder, (actually manslaughter) of his girlfriend; lies and excuses and no responsibility taken. But again, public and judicial sympathy for a national hero seemed to overrule justice. The good news is that the Prosecutors are appealing the case.

Conrad Black
I heard this smug prick on talk radio the other day as a pundit/expert political and economic commentator. WTF! Why is this egotistical, entitled and convicted felon being given a platform to say anything.

He is a dirt bag who has no remorse for his misdeeds beyond his own stupidity in getting caught, which of course was because his narcissism had him never believing he would be caught.

Bill Cosby & Jian Ghomeshi
Okay, so both these guys are innocent until proven guilty but hey…..29 complainants against Bill and 8 against Jian. Come on folks. Bill’s are so old it is unlikely he’ll be prosecuted so even though he is taking no responsibility for his actions, his legacy is shot.

Jian may have to do some time, but I doubt it. He also is taking no responsibility for his behavior.

The fact is in criminal cases, NO ONE is going to take responsibility for their crimes simply because the consequences are so dire. It’s understandable that this is the way it works. I mean everyone in prison says they didn’t do “it.” Only on rare occasions do criminals admit to guilt, feel remorse and plead for mercy.


Politicians – Sayin’ don’t make it so

Politicians don’t have to be responsible because they aren’t legally liable for any decision or incompetent mistake they make while in office. Understandable, because if they were, politicians would get nothing accomplished due to the risk of being held responsible for whatever they do, short of murder.

Campaign promises mean nothing. Gordon Campbell – lied about the HST, Christy Clark lied about the return of the GST and Harper contines to lie about everything, including his despicable promises to our Wounded Warriors while denying benefits to vets.No responsibility. Simple.

It’s kind of like how lawyers how are allowed to lie in court….did I say lie? I mean present alternative views to the advantage of their client. After all, how could they make a case when they pretty much know their clients are guilty. And that’s why they never ask if they are guilty so they can pretend they are not lying. I digress, back to politicians.

Glenn Clark

Glen Clark & Joy McPhail

Both former premier of B.C.,Glen Clark and Joy McPhail said, “I take full responsibility for my part in the Fast Ferry scandal." Oh really, how exactly did they do this? By sacrificing their pensions? I don't think so. By staying on to fight the good socialist fight? Nope.
Premier Clark resigned over a scandal of breach of trust and accepting favours; a humiliatingly petty crime for which he paid a price.  Was he remorseful? Not really; he immediately turned his back on his “socialist” agenda to become a millionaire selling advertising sign space for born again zillionaire, Jim Pattison who seemed to admire the feisty crook from the east end.

Ms. McFAIL similarly eclipsed her shady political career by running off with a zillionaire Hollywood producer. But hey, her pension will pay for her bar bill.

Property Crime - Scams & Wall Street

Years ago we had criminal charges of theft under and over $1000. I’m sure the amount has gone up, but the principle was that the more you stole, the greater the penalty. Not so. Con artists who rip off old folks pension money with bogus stock deals and scams for millions do less time than someone robbing a 7-11.

If the value principle were true, all the banks, brokers and financial bandits on Wall Street would be doing 20 to life. But not ONE Wall Street CEO was even charged over the 2008 crash let alone do jail time.

Here’s one for the books. When it was intimated that the Justice Department was going to come down hard on Wall Street, Jamie Dimon, head of J.P. Morgan Chase, did an end run by phoning up Attorney General, Eric Holder personally and offered $9 billion to make it all go away. And it worked. Holder should never have even taken his call and yet he’s still got his job.

Dimon and Wall Street not only took no responsibility for damn near bankrupting the U.S.A. but they are back at it again, hosing folks right now. And since all the bogus paper they pushed wasn’t “illegal” they committed no crimes so no remorse or punishment necessary. They obey the rules because, via the Federal Reserve, because they MAKE the rules; the fox guarding the hen house.

If I had it my way, the top 20 executives at every Wall Street Bank, Financial Company, Brokerage and Insurance company would be sitting in Riker’s Island prison. Then maybe the rest of them would get the message, because their consciences seem to be nonexistent. These guys make Bernie Madoff look small time.

And all this financial shenanigans was done on George Bush’s watch and he left this disastrous financial legacy for Obama to sort out. Neither he nor the Republicans have admitted to any responsibility or remorse and are currently claiming Obama is responsible for the economy.

I’m sure this is starting to get boring, but reflect for a moment on those great Canadian Senators, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau, Mac Harb and Andrew Thompson; each one a thief and not one admits guilt.

And who can forget the Church

Last but not least, while pedophilic priests in every country of the world have violated children, how many have gone to jail? Few if any. And how many Bishops who helped them find new parishes to avoid responsibility and provide new victims have gone to jail. None.

So what was the point of this diatribe?

Simply stated, taking responsibility means admitting to oneself what you’ve done and then admitting it to others with real remorse, making real amends and finally and only then vowing to not do it again.

Publicly saying a general, “I screwed up but I won’t do it again” doesn’t cut it. That’s the Rob Ford way.

Call me naïve but, this kind of shit has gone on since the dawn of time, so all I would ask is that our parents and teachers TELL the children the goddamn truth instead of letting them believe the world is one way when in fact it isn’t that way at all.

Just sayin'

Courtney Smith