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The New World Order

January 26, 2015
Responsibilit Why are we doing business with this country?

I understand that you can’t simply ignore 1.4 billion people in the world’s largest country with the world’s second largest economy. And credit is due to Pierre Eliot Trudeau for opening the door to China, four years before Richard Nixon ventured east in his attempt open relations with the U.S. and to personally redeem himself.

What the Chinese don’t understand or care about, is that if you want to join the rest of the world there are certain standards, conventios and protocols that have been established to make communication and peace between nations possible. These include both internal relationships between their own people and external relations with other nations.

Allow me to digress for a moment: As I see it, the fact is that China or India will become the world’s next superpower….make no mistake. Short of war between the two, my bet is China will politically, economically and militarily dominate the world in the next 20 years. It will join Rome, England, France, Spain and finally America as the primary world power.

Meanwhile back in the present, as China grows and “democratizes” it is guilty of violating many international treaties, protocols and commonly adhered to trade practices.

Copyright Infringement
Chinese factories are cranking out zillions of bogus Gucci, Armani, Versace clothes and accessories, counterfeit Rolexes, electronic equipment and copying American music CD’s and Movies, all for sale right back here in North America as well as around the world. Where is there any honor in that?

Industrial Sabotage
Although China is now manufacturing the majority of the world’s goods, the design innovators remain in Japan, Korea, America and Europe. Chinese businessmen come over to these companies to look at products to buy, go to all the trade shows, make notes and dash home to reverse-engineer these products and put them out as their own.

Dangerous Children’s Toys
As the world’s largest manufacturer of kid’s toys, their products flood the market without proper safety concerns being adhered to. Lead paints, carcinogenic chemicals, lack of flame retardants, the list is endless. Shoddy workmanship, and dangerous materials.

Designer Drugs
And who can forget that a lot of the base chemicals for Ecstasy, crystal meth and a host of other recreational, designer and bogus drugs are produced in China.

Endangered Species
The Chinese are the world’s largest consumers of elephant and rhino tusks for their traditional intricate carvings, as well as shark fins for their soup delicacy and deer antlers for aphrodisiacs. The complete and utter extinction of African elephants and rhinos can be directly linked to the Chinese consumer.

China owns America

What began as mutual trade with mutual benefits now sees the trade balance way out of whack with Chinese exports to the U.S. being 80% of the total U.S. deficit. How did this happen? Well Sam Walton among others can take credit. The original idea was to get Chinese goods cheaper due to low wages there and pass those savings onto the middle class and lower class Americans who desired low cost goods. Well and the Walton family amassing billions in the offing.

Some thought this would be balanced by the sales of American cigarettes and Coca Cola to China, along with wheat, steel, molybedenum, copper and other resources. So what has happened is America has fueled China’s economy to the detriment of her own and China has the U.S. dollars to buy up U.S. industry. Pretty sweet. China has usurped the middle east oil shieks as Americas money lenders and new owners.

Environmental Issues
On the home front, no industrialized nation on earth is polluting as much as China and doing less about it. One look at the  smog in Beijing during the Olympics said it all. And that pollution spreads around the world and affects all of us. One wonders what’s the point of using our little blue recycling boxes when China spews forth enough poison to kill us all.

Human Rights
How can you talk about China and not talk about human rights abuses; from the horrors of the Gang of Four and the Red Guards to the suppression of the freedoms of press, religion, and dissent in China and Hong Kong. Tiananmen square will be a reminder for years to come as will the “re-education camps” of the Red Guards.

The fanatical need for China to want to annex Taiwan reflects the megalomania of its leaders. Who cares, Chiang Kai- Shek and his followers fought off the Japanese just as hard as Mao and his commie army, so just leave them alone. Taiwan is miniscule in the sphere of China’s influence.

Cyber Attacks
China has to realize that if it continues attacking American companies and government agencies with cyber attacks, there is going to be a consequence. They may have army divisions devoted to cyber war, but American has teenage ninja cyber hackers that can wreck havoc of their own.

Listen, to sum up, I don’t for one minute think that with China running the world things would be any better or worse than the previously mentioned nations of Rome, England, France, Spain and as America does currently. What Americans are too stupid to figure out is that they are on the descendent and their own greed has given China everything it needs to take over the world.Que sera, sera.

Will America finally get it and then have to “nuke” them? Who knows? I certainly hope not. Let’s hope the Democrats are in office if that time comes.

Just sayin'

Courtney Smith