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Dufus of the Week - Larry Berg - Two Time Winner

Without Prejudice - July 20, 2012
Larry Berg
Larry Berg

Larry Berg is once again begging for more

Resident CEO/meglomaniac is Guccifying YVR at the expense of Richmond.

"What does the airport have to do with the sale of designer Gucci bags in a mall?" Mayor Malcolm Brodie said Wednesday.

That's what the city is saying following a meeting this week to discuss a proposed mega-mall designer outlet near the airport. Indeed, and what does this say about Larry Berg? Simply, that once again his enormous ego and insatiable greed are driving him to exploit YVR, his personal cash cow to further aggrandize and enrich himself.

"They are hoping to have a mall that has very little to do with the airport industry in an area of Richmond that is away from public transit and will likely cause traffic congestion," Brodie continued.

Luxury shopping centre on airport land, Brodie pointed out, contradicts the city's official plan to focus development along transit routes and No. 3 Road.

In the true style of arrogance, YVR gave the final drawings for the mall to Richmond City Council and said, "We're going ahead with this."

What about the people who live in Burkeville on Sea Island? Do they get a say in it?

What about the fact that the Arthur Lang Bridge can barely handle airport traffic due to all the Richmond traffic over that bridge. Of course that bridge is a whole other story.

The luxury-goods outlet mall is slated for Vancouver Airport Authority lands, with a first phase of 97 stores opening fall 2014.

YVR announced June 15 that the 460,000-square-foot mall would be built on a 21.5-hectare site three kilometres from Canada's second-busiest airport. It is expected to create 1,000 new jobs.

The London-based McArthurGlen Group would open the first phase of the retail mall in the fall of 2014, with 97 stores, along Russ Baker Way, between the B.C. Institute of Technology campus and Dinsmore Bridge, with 97 stores. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Many shoppers and store owners at the nearby Lansdowne Shopping Centre, were unaware of YVR's plans, with one owner calling the potential competition "devastating" for smaller businesses.

Duh! Landsdowne Mall and Aberdeen Centre within a mile of the new proposed mall are going to get killed. Can you spell oversaturation?


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YVR got approval from Transport Canada in 2007 to develop part of its lands for "commercial, non-aeronautical" uses as part of its master plan, which itself was subject to extensive public consultation, she said.

YVR's director of spin Rebecca Catley, insisted consultation has been widespread.

The airport authority has been talking to city staff since 2009 and council since 2010, and it sent information to the Sea Island residents association earlier this year and held two open houses last month, Catley said.

So, who's telling the truth. Either Richmond City Council are liars or YVR are in the matter of consultation and transparency.

My money is on YVR being the bullshitters. Larry Berg's ego is so huge he thinks that his accomplishments and his money are going to create some dynastic legacy of importance. And the truth is, its all been paid for by you and me, without us having a damn thing to say about it.

Just my opinion

Courtney Smith