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Without Prejudice - February 12 , 2012
Lynda Tarras
Lynda Tarras
is the head of the B.C. Public Service Agency

Government workers re-gift the taxpapers money to each other

B.C. government workers are being encouraged to “frequently” give each other presents on the taxpayers' tab as a way to boost morale.

Excuse my French, but are you f*%#@king kidding?

Seriously, how can Lynda Tarras, Kevin Falcon, and Christy Clark possibly defend this absurdity in light of the current economic climate and the major needs of the people. Is there some legislative "bud" they're smoking that we don't know about?

Employees are encouraged to visit one of several password-protected websites, where they can send presents to co-workers. This ain't Farmville gifts folks, we're talking water bottles, government branded golf balls, pewter business card holders, Purdy's chocolates, or gift cards from Chapters, The Bay, Future Shop, Starbucks and of course Timmys.

It's all part of the government's $1.5-million staff-appreciation program for rewarding workers who do a good job.

But wait, it gets worse, the health ministry has its own virtual gift shop for employees called “The Online Recognition Centre.” And other government websites offer $15 gift cards for employees, and an “Employee Online Store” offers active gear, toys, jewellery, books, crafts and food items with free delivery anywhere in the province.

And now a quote from the irresponsible party, Lynda Terras, head of the B.C. Public Service Agency. " Ensuring employees are recognized and appreciated for the excellent work they do in delivering services to British Columbians helps us maintain a workforce focused on delivery of quality programs and services.”

Funny, in the real world, employers show appreciation to their employees for good work by letting them KEEP THEIR JOBS! No really, annual bonuses are the accepted way for employers to reward employees. And they don't use PUBLIC money to do so. And employee to employee or employee to employer gifts are borne by the giver.

Terras said the $1.5-million program works out to just $52 per employee each year, and the government observes “guidelines and approval processes” for all gift-giving. Well thank God for that!

Hmmm. $1.5 million would put a dent in health care, education, deficit-reduction or the financially exhausted judicial system. This whole thing is as absurd as Vancouver city workers getting three days pay for "good attendance" like they were in elementary school or something.

On a political note with Liberal approval ratings lower that Jerry Sandusky's you'd think Christy would dump this ASAP.

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