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Without Prejudice - Jan 24, 2012
Larry Berg
Larry Berg
is the president and chief
executive officer of the
Vancouver Airport Authority.

Larry Berg is once again begging for more

YVR's resident CEO/pickpocket thinks its time we paid more for his dream

Airport authority CEO Larry Berg announced Wednesday the airport improvement fee will rise to $20 from $15 starting May 1.

Berg said the new fee will generate an estimated $29 to $30 million a year, and will cover about half of the $1.8 billion worth of improvements the airport authority says is needed to increase airport efficiency and boost air traffic between Vancouver and Asia.

Among the improvements YVR is planning is a series of new corridors and moving walkways to speed up connection times between international and domestic terminals. A new high-speed baggage handling system is also planned.

Too his credit, Larry built the most beautiful airport in the world. No one asked him too. No one could have said yes or no to his plan either way, because the Vancouver Airport Authority answers to no one. Certainly not to the public or more specifically the travelling customers of the airport. Larry is GOD at YVR and don't you ever forget it.

Now this unaccountable company, guided by Berg's insatiable ego, went on to build, rebuild, reshape all kinds of other airports around the world given his expertise in financing via pickpocketing and creating grandiose visions of his.

He's telling us now, that to hell with the Vancouver/Canadian travellers to the U.S. who say they will fly out of Bellingham or Seatac to avoid YVR fees. What he's interested in is the Asian Market. He's like Harper in that he thinks we'll have unlimited growth and success catering to the Chinese market....right up until the day the Chinese say, "Hey, we own you. Shut the fuck up."

Now if Mr. Berg had not spend zillions of your travelling dollars turning YVR into the Vancouver Art Gallery, perhaps he might have used the money to create the infrastructure things he now wants with this new increase. And maybe he'd like to show the public his books so we can see how our money has been spent.

See here's the thing. Larry Berg like Darrin Entwhistle of Telus are members of the Executive Class in our society. This has replaced the royal Lords and Dukes of the old countries. As such, they feel entitled to do whatever they wish and be richly rewarded and praised for it. Their motivation is not the people they serve, but merely their Boards of Directors. The customers satisfaction counts only if it generates profits, stock price increases and the resulting bonuses and kudos to the CEOs themselves.

Hey, I got an idea....why not have Larry and his Board forgo salaries, stock options and bonuses for a couple of years to finance this new voyage into the unknown of YVR infrastructure?

Finally, I think we should erect a statue of Larry Berg at the front of YVR. All narcissists love statues of themselves. How about the statue smiling while looking you straight in the eye.....with its hand a street begger.

Just sayin'

C. F. Smith