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Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

I fell off my chair when I heard this recently

The fashionista turns out to have been a charter member of the Nazi Party AND the SS

January 23, 2013

Seems old Hugo was a card carrying charter member of the Nazis, the SS and user of slave labour. So how in God's name did this prick's company come to prominence in recent decades without his shameful past revealed?

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Larry Berg

Larry Berg of YVR Wins Dufus of the Week a Second Time

July 20, 2012

Resident CEO/meglomaniac is Gucci-fying YVR at the expense of Richmond.

A YVR Mall will kill Landsdown & Aberdeen Malls in Richmond. "What does the airport have to do with the sale of designer Gucci bags in a mall?" Mayor Malcolm Brodie said Wednesday.

That's what the city is saying following a meeting this week to discuss a proposed mega-mall designer outlet near the airport. Indeed, and what does this say about Larry Berg? Simply, that once again his enormous ego and insatiable greed are driving him to exploit YVR, his personal cash cow to further aggrandize and enrich himself.

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Catherine Carlson
Provincial Court Judge Catherine Carlson

Judge gives pedophile, Graham James, a slap on the wrist.

Manitoba Provincial Court Judge hasn't the faintest understanding of sexual abuse.
Mar. 20, 2012

Two years in jail is not nearly enough for the crimes of Graham James. The trial judge, our justice system and the idiots we elect to Parliament simply do not grasp the magnitude of these crimes.

Mr. James, a junior hockey coach, sexually assaulted and raped two teenage boys, Theoren Fleury and Todd Holt, who looked to him as a mentor. He committed hundreds of sexual attacks on each one.

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Target Screws Zellers Employees

All Zellers employees to be "laid off" and may reapply to work at their store when it's rebranded as Target. No salary parity, no severance pay, no seniority, no pensions.
Feb. 19, 2012

American capitalism on crack. As Zellers stores across Canada get set to be turned into Target Stores the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is asking Target Canada for fairness when hiring new employees. 

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Lynda Tarras

Government workers re-gift the taxpapers money to each other

B.C. government workers are being encouraged to “frequently” give each other presents on the taxpayers' tab as a way to boost morale.
February 12 , 2012

Excuse my French, but are you f*%#@king kidding?

Seriously, how can Lynda Tarras, head of the B.C. Public Service Agency, Kevin Falcon, and Christy Clark possibly defend this absurdity in light of the current economic climate and the major needs of the people. Is there some legislative "bud" they're smoking that we don't know about?

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Kevin Falcon

B.C. Liberals planned to sell HST with iPad giveaway

Appeal to Olympic nostalgia also to be part of push for unpopular tax
January 31, 2012

On Thursday, Finance Minister, the not so Honourable Kevin Falcon said the pamphlet was shelved because it would have been mailed out at the same time as a court challenge on the anti-HST petition, and government did not think the approach was going to be helpful.

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Larry Berg


Larry Berg is once again begging for more

YVR's resident CEO/pickpocket thinks its time we paid more for his dream

Wed.January 25, 2012

Airport authority CEO Larry Berg announced Wednesday the airport improvement fee will rise to $20 from $15 starting May 1.

Now this unaccountable company, guided by Berg's insatiable ego, went on to build, rebuild, reshape all kinds of other airports around the world given his expertise in financing via pickpocketing and creating grandiose visions of his.
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