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Without Prejudice - February 6, 2012
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Because I'm shutting down my home based business I called Telus a month ago to convert my Telus business phone line and business internet accounts to personal ones so I'd save a significant amount of money.

I was told that on March 6th my account for both phone and internet would be transferred over to a personal one and a technician would be out to install a new model modum.

Yesterday morning I woke up to find I had no home phone or internet so I called Telus to find out what was going on. I was told that they were shut down because today was the day the business accounts were to be deactivated. I asked them if the personal accounts were being activated today as well, and was told, no, that was scheduled for March 6th. What, I'm going to be without a phone or internet for a month?

Well, they said, guess we made a mistake. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after being bounced around and on hold for 30 minutes, I spoke with a woman named Kim on the residential side. I told her how dissatisfied I was and that if I did not have a residential phone and internet by the end of the day I'd be moving my business over to Shaw Cable. She assured that I would have both today and the guy with the modum would be by my place by noon; neither happened.

So, I phoned back at 3:00pm to find out what was going on, only to be told that nothing would be happening until March 6th. What? The person was on the business side of Telus and offered two options, one of which was to choose a date closer than March 6 th to redo this mess or to simply for her to put things back they way they were yesterday. I chose the latter as there is no reason to believe that what she would put in place would actually occur any more than anything else I'd been promised by others at Telus earlier.

Now if this was the only problem with Telus I've ever had, it would be reasonable to call it an honest mistake. But it isn't.

Five years ago I wanted to convert my home landline number to a cellphone so I went to the local “Telus” store in my neighbourhood and was assured that this would be activated in a couple of hours. It took four days.

Two years ago I sold my house and bought a condo in the same neighbourhood. I arranged a month ahead to have my landline and internet moved over on a particular day after moving in. Guess what? Didn't happen. So I called and they got a guy out tohook things up, only to tell me he knew nothing about the internet hookup, his work order only mentioned the phone.

So he had to phone in to his dispatcher, who was an operator in Manila, the Philippines, to find out why the work order was wrong. To make a long story short - it took another day before everything was working again.

Next anecdote; a year ago I went back to the Telus store and bought a Smart Phone, which as it turned out didn't work, so it couldn't have been that smart, and they would not take it back. I called Telus and to my surprise I found out that Telus stores are not REALLY Telus stores, they are resellers of Telus packages and phones and Telus takes no responsibility for what they promise customers. This now makes my first experience with this store make sense and more fool me for going back to the same store.

Here's what I learned so far. The business side of Telus is separate from the residential side and the two do not communicate worth a damn. So what I was trying to do involved two departments, one to shut down the business accounts but unable to set up the residential accounts and vis versa. They cannot access each other's accounts, or make changes to each other's accounts, so transitions between the two are ridiculously impossible as I learned today.

Secondly, whomever you talk to cannot be re-contacted to follow up with later when things don't go as they promised. And finally, Telus has no “requisition” number, or “trouble ticket” number systems for customer service like they do for tech support so that if you call back to find out why things aren't happening, you have to start all over at square one. And you can NEVER talk to the person again who made the promises.

The bottom line is that whatever Telus tells you they will do for you, they will NOT do as promised in substance or in the time promised. No matter what they tell you folks, it won't happen.

Darren Entwhistle
Darren Entwhistle

Let's get to the nub of the problem. Five or six years ago Telus laid off 2500 workers and their customer service went south – really far south, and customers were so upset that it hit the media.

Confronted by a TV reporter who asked Telus CEO, Darren Entwhistle to comment, he said, “I guess my bonus won't be as big this year.”

THERE folks is the problem, the attitude that so pervades big business these days; simply one more arrogant executive with entitlement issues.

Big shot CEO's do not care about their customers except when it affects their share price. The higher the stock price the bigger the bonus to the boss. If you invest in the market you'll see that Telus stock went up 40% in the last year so Mr. Entwhistle is doing a very good job. Well, not for you and me, but certainly for himself and his shareholders.

Here's an idea, Darren. Why not stop outsourcing customer service and technical support thereby taking jobs from Canadians. Why not try supporting your country, province and city, accept that your stock might only go up 20% next year and then maybe you and your board can actually put your customers first? Don't hold your breath folks.

I've spent the last two hours getting my phone and internet set back up as business accounts. Seems it's easier to turn a switch off than to turn it back on. Actually they admitted that not only did they totally screw up my original order, they screwed up the deactivation of my internet so it was difficult to get it back up and running. Absolute incompetence.

Later yesterday they got the phone got back online but not the internet. At 4:00pm I spoke to a techie who swore blind he'd get me up and running and call me when he did so. This did not happen until 8:00am this morning....the call that is.

This morning I was told that since the shutoff of my internet was not a technical issue I needed to talk to the Sales Department. Oh great....sales doesn't talk to customer service doesn't talk to business doesn't talk to residential doesn't talk to tech support. This is getting all Kafkaesque. I brow beat the guy and he went away and came back and said he fixed it, and he did. Kudos to him and the kind, helpful Telus staff who try their best not having a clue what anyone else is doing.

Tomorrow I'll be signing up with Shaw for phone and internet and when my Telus Mobility contract runs out, I'll say hi to Fido!

35 years I've been with Telus. Thanks Darren, you're a prince.

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

Oh it just never ends

Feb. 15, 2012
If you recall, I asked Telus to restore my internet and phone the way they were. This evening I get a call from Shaw saying they can't get the phone number from Telus because there is an open order pending to change the line on March 5.

Feb. 16, 2012
So, since Telus is only open during office hours, I call this morning and cancel the order which was supposed to be done when I told them to just put things back the way they were. I was assured the order was cancelled. Time will tell.

Later, and this made me fall off my chair. I get a call from Telus Customer Service, (well actually a 3rd party phone fullfillment company) asking how happy I was with the wonderful customer service I received on February 6th from Telus.

Feb. 24, 2012
Today I get a phone call asking me if I want to signup for a Telus business phone. I told the idiot I already HAD a business phone but then Telus telemarketing obviously doesn't talk to the Telus accounts department.

And now for the good news

Feb. 27, 2012
Today Shaw comes by 2 hours EARLY to hook up highspeed internet WITH wi-fi and a residential phone. Took less than an hour, complete with new email address. I hope this seemless install is indicative of a cross company level of customer support and respect. And not only that, but we got the slowest Shaw internet package and it is WAY faster than Telus ADSL plus Shaw to Shaw phone calls are free so no more long distance to the island for us.

And now for more absurdity

March 4, 2012
Today, a Saturday, I get a reminder call from Telus to tell me a guy will be coming out tomorrow to install my residential internet and phone. This is a month AFTER I've cancelled everything at Telus and 2 weeks after I went online with Shaw. And being a saturday, of course I can't reach the right department to stop this absurdity.

And the final straw

March 6, 2012
Today, I get a call from Telus to remind me their technician is coming out to install my residential services. I laughed and told the poor lady that I'd already cancelled the service call and moved over to Shaw. She was shocked and asked why and I told her for the reason that Telus was incapable of even switching me over from business to residential services and her call was ample proof of that.

Darren. Are you getting this? Can you even COMPREHEND how out of the loop your company is in customer service? Or do you just not give a shit? My bet is with the latter.

And now for even MORE good news

March 14, 2012

I would just like to thank Shaw for superior customer service. We only signed on for internet and phone 2 or 3 weeks ago and did so to get away from Telus' abysmal customer service.

So...yesterday while having new carpet put in, the installers whacked the Shaw phone modem/box and wrecked it leaving us without phone or intercom. I drove downtown to the Shaw store where an extremely helpful, young man contacted your technical department and requested and emergency re-hook up. He told me it could be the same day but most likely the next day.

An hour later I got a call from a service rep who said he'd be here in 10 minutes. He was here and gone in 20 minutes and within the hour we had phone service restored.

To Shaw, the young man downtown and the installer….congrats on exemplary customer service.

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