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The Spam of Fax Broadcasting - April, 2006

Without Prejudice
Fax SPAM Do any of you get endless unsolicited faxes at your home or office? I'll bet you do, and I'll also bet the majority come from a local company called "It's The Fax."

This company operates without any sense of personal privacy rights. They obviously buy fax lists from other sources. They are NOT an OPT-IN operation. I have never received a form asking me if I'd like to be on their list for faxes. Unlike email spam, whereby the sender must have an opt-in, opt-out feature so as not to be labelled a spammer and banned by ISP's.

It's The Fax does have an opt-out feature. At the bottom of each fax is a barely legible phone number to call to talk to a voicemail response to take you off the list. What they do is take you ONLY off the list of the particular solicitation, ie: "Joe's Carpet Cleaning".

They do NOT take you off their master list. How do I know this? Because a week after you opt off the "Joe's Carpet Cleaner" list, you get faxes for dozens of other businesses.This is not only unconscionable, but also just plain bad business.

Here are the facts about FAX broadcasting. IF and only IF you have a demographically targeted list, you may get some results. However, if you pay "It's The Fax" to shotgun anyone and everyone, all you end up doing is pissing people like me off. And I make a point of calling each and every one of them and telling them I will never do business with them because they use unsolicited fax broadcasting.

In my opinion, "It's The Fax" is ripping off those who purchase their services and is doing them also the disservice of alienating those businesses from potential customers who can be reached in other ways.

You can phone til you're blue in the face, and "It's The Fax" will NOT delete your email from their master list. Telus will do nothing about them. The Better Business Bureau (if you can get through to them) will do nothing about them.

Their website does not publish the name of the owner or any of the employees nor its address.

The Bottom Line: If you are an advertiser, think twice before you do unsolicited fax broadcasting, and if you do, don't use "It's The Fax." If you are one who receives faxes from them, call Telus, call, the BBB, call "It's The Fax" and most importantly, call the company advertising on the fax and tell them how you feel.

IF you have the same problem with this as I do, feel free to email: Straight Forward and we'll add your comments on this page. Feel free to write, email or phone Its The Fax as well.

"It's The Fax"
Tel: 604-594-9836

Just my opinion,

Courtney Smith

Received June 9, 2006

Hi Courtney,

I don't know how old your web posting is regarding the nefarious business practices of "It's the Fax", but I've just written a cease and desist email to them advising that any and all legal options available to me would be employed in the event I am not removed from their master list.

Though I don't expect they'll pay heed to the request, I will wait and see what happens. You're right that there's seemingly no direct contact information about them or the founders. A WHOIS look-up of the website, however, shows the following information:

Its The Fax Ltd.
8013 Modesto Drive
Delta, BC
V4C 4A9